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Installing games on a PS4


ESR is a program with which you can run unlicensed discs on a console without a modchip. To run, you need the program itself and the disc recorded from the image previously patched on the computer. The ability to bypass the license check by checking that the console treats patched disks as DVD Video

The archive contains three versions of the program:

dvd direct -version is designed to run directly from a DVD-ROM.

The mcard version is designed to run ELF files from mcx: /BOOT/BOOT.ELF and mcx: / B? DATA-SYSTEM / BOOT.ELF

DVD direct off version is designed to run directly from a DVD-ROM. It differs from the first version in that it is unloaded from memory after the first successful reset of the IOP. (A similar mode - "Mode 3" is present in the HDLoader program)

The compatibility of the program is quite high, the developers tested it on more than 100 games. Many games have been tested by users.

With a hombru, things are not so good. The fact is that there are cases when a hombru application tries to boot into the area of ​​RAM where the ESR is located. Obviously, this will not lead to anything other than a hang.

Games protected by DNA $ technology (mainly games with online multiplayer) work after patching specials. programs (WinDip), DVD9 games work. Patch can be either a Toxic-patcher, or one that comes bundled with ESR. However, it is worth noting that the patcher is in beta testing, so it is not a fact that all games will work. (Although GOW2 earned =)

CD games must first be converted to DVD, which is a very difficult task, due to the absolute LBA addressing. Tutorials on this subject can be found on the net.

It is also worth noting that to play on some console models, you need to change the book-type to DVD-ROM when recording to DVD + R / RW media. DVD-R should work without problems. It is not recommended to use +/- RW disks, as they exert a very strong load on the laser lens.

All consoles require a patched disk in the drive before starting the program!

1. Make an image of the game.

3. Burn on a blank.

4. Insert the console into the drive and start the ESR. (direct dvd or direct dvd off version (depends on the game))

How to play on PS4 without a disc

Buying on PSN allows you to get the game, without leaving home. All you need to do is pay for the content in any convenient way by bank transfer.

The official digital store often hosts various events during which users can purchase games at a reduced cost.

After purchasing a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can install the game on PlayStation 4 for free or at a discount. Of course, this is not about all the games, but only those that are affected by such an action.

All game files are downloaded from the Internet and installed on the hard drive. Purchase Details assigned to accountfrom which she was paid. Accordingly, to play on a PS4 without a disc, you just need to log in to your account.

When playing from a CD, you need to insert it into the console, since the license is written on it. It turns out that you can’t play without a disc, which is not always convenient if you play a large number of games.

Purchase and install games on PS4

To purchase a game, you need log in to your personal account and authorize it in PSN.

Make sure to your account credit card tied. How to do it:

  1. Go to “Settings” - “Account Management” - “Account Data”,
  2. Select item "Wallet" and sub "Payment Information",
  3. The prefix will offer you to choose a PayPal wallet or credit card, indicate the convenient method,
  4. Enter all requested data,
  5. Check that all fields are filled in correctly and click "Save", and then "OK".

Now you can proceed to the purchase of games:

  1. Find the game you need in the directory,
  2. Add it to the basket,
  3. If you want to buy several at once, click "Continue shopping", and if one - "Go to the payment",
  4. If there is enough money in the account, click Confirm Purchase, if not - "Add funds".

An inscription will appear on the left: “Added to Downloads from the Web” - This means that the purchase was successful. The speed of installation of the game on the PS4 hard drive depends on the speed of the Internet connection and the amount of data.

Pirate Games on PS4

On the net, conversations about a possible PlayStation 4 pirated firmware.

The Xbox 360 console of the previous generation was hacked a few months after its release, the owners of the PS3 had to wait more than a year, and the consoles of the current generation: PS4 and Xbox One, do not want to disappoint their manufacturers at all.

Only now, 5 years after the release of the new console, appeared first decent hack, allowing you to play pirated games on PS4 for free.

The hack in question is an exploit that allows you to integrate into the official firmware and add several new features to it, in particular launch free gamesdownloaded from the internet.

No firmware for drive yet and it’s unlikely that it will appear in the near future, so it’s not possible to play pirated discs for PS4 yet. Now you can install the game from a flash drive on the PS4, which is much more convenient to "fuss" with recording discs.

Fortunately for Sony, but not for users, this method is not suitable for everyone. To launch an exploit, you must have prefix with software version no higher than 4.55.

If the version is lower, you need it upgrade to 4.55, and if above - hope that hackers will come up with a way to crack it. Most likely, this will happen very soon, as it appeared on some foreign resources 5.01 hack information, but at the moment all the detailed information is in the public domain.

Flash PS4 for games You can in one of our workshops. First, call managers and specify all the details.

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10/22/2018 at 17:30 | #

Why, when I download a game from the Internet, does the cd drive constantly work, as if it grabs a disk even though it is not there, and so every 30 seconds, until the game is installed?

What is a PlayStation Network

PSN - Sony's online service where you can buy and download games and apps for PlayStation. Digital copies of games are stored on the hard drive. No additional steps are required to start them; you can play on a PS4 without a disc in the drive.

Games from the disks are installed on the HDD, but to run them it is required that the BR-disk itself be in the console, since it contains information about the license.

PSN often hosts various promotions for which you can buy a game with a discount of up to 70-80%.

A paid PlayStation Plus subscription allows you to play in multiplayer mode, and also provides free access to some games. Most free titles end up being indie games, but among them there is almost always one more or less worthy project.

Installing games on a PS4

Before proceeding to payment, you need to create and authorize your PSN account. The first step is to link your credit card or PayPal wallet.

PlayStation Store Online Game Store

Step 1. We go to the section “Settings” - “Account Management” - “Account Data”.

Step 2 In point "Wallet" we find "Payment Information". Here we indicate a convenient way to pay for content on the PSN.

Step 3 Enter all the necessary data, then check the correctness of the specified information and click "Save". To complete the wallet binding, click "OK".

Now buy our first game:

  1. We look for the game in the catalog and add it to the basket,
  2. Make sure that the funds are enough to pay,
  3. Click "Go to the payment" and Confirm Purchase.

If there is not enough money in your PSN account, click "Add funds".

If the inscription appears in the corner of the screen “Added to Downloads from the Web”, so you did everything right. Wait for the download to finish and install the game on the PlayStation 4 - and start the game.

PS4 firmware

All consoles hack sooner or later, which is what happened with the PS4.

True, the PS4 and Xbox One are not going to cave in under the pressure of hackers and still hold the defense. The old version of PS4 4.55 turned out to be weaker than the developers intended, and still managed to crack it. 5.01 is also on the way, but so far these are only rumors.

If you are lucky enough that you have not updated your console for a very, very long time, you can launch a special exploit, which allows you to install the game for free on your PS4 hard drive and open it on your console.

Before installing the game on a PS4 from a flash drive, do not forget to run the exploit.

True, this hack has several drawbacks. The main thing that you can not do with a hacked prefix is ​​to play in multiplayer. As soon as you connect to the Internet, it will immediately be banned in PSN. If this happens, you can not use the PSN service.

Pirate Discs for PS4 impossible to do, since licensed versions have a complex security system. The firmware of the drive has not yet been invented either.

You need to install pirated games on PS4 if you cannot afford to buy licensed copies. All projects that get to your console will be designed for one player, as you will not have access to the PSNwhile there is firmware.

Sooner or later you will want play with real opponents onlinetherefore we recommend installing an exploit, playing pirated games on PS4 until you complete all the projects you are interested in for free, and then upgrade to the latest version and enjoy new titles that you could not run on the old version of the system.