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3D paper box star


This box is very beautiful and original, and you can hardly find something like this on the shelves of the store. For its manufacture you will not need additional materials or tools, in addition, you can always find the right size and desired color. And yet - it is created in 8 simple steps, which are provided in the photo instructions below.

By the way, in such a star box you can store a variety of little things: beads and beads, buttons and coins, small souvenirs. If you make it from high-quality wrapping paper, then as a gift box it will look very, very elegant and original.

We also picked up a video lesson for you, which, in essence, will show you all the same as in the photo instructions. And if you don’t really know how to read schemes, then it’s better to start from it: just carefully follow the origami’s hands, and you will succeed.

Paper box star

To create such a star, we need to cook:

- a sheet of red paper,

First, cut off a square from sheet A4. That he will become the blank for the future star.

Fold the square sheet in half.

After that, the upper left corner must be bent. But we do not do this to the end, but only slightly outline the fold line in the middle.

Now bend the bottom left corner.

The completed bends helped us outline the intersection point of the two lines. It will be required for further folding of the star-shaped sheet.

To this point we need to bend the lower right corner.

Now we bend this corner in the opposite direction.

We bend the left side of the blank of the future star up and to the right.

We have the shortest edge of the workpiece, it is on it that you want to cut off the excess.

Expand the sheet. We have a regular pentagon.

Now you need to bend its corners. We make a fold of the first, focusing on the lateral radial lines.

So do with all the corners of the pentagon.

It is required to bend all corners again. It focuses on radial lines, but others.

In this way, we bend all 5 corners.

We turn the blank of the future star to the other side.

After that, we bend the corners of the pentagon as follows.

Due to the performed bends, we see the lines forming a star.

Carefully fold the workpiece along these fold lines.

On the reverse side, our box looks as follows.

Our decorative star box decoration is done.

If you need to make a regular three-dimensional star from paper, you can draw or print such a template:

Cut a star and bend it along the fold lines.

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