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How to get yourself in - order in - 10 minutes? Home express methods


This happens to everyone. You woke up, the sun shines through the window, and you have already planned how your morning will go. You turn and understand that the clock is 7:00! How is it that you set the alarm for 6 in the morning? You have an important meeting at 8 in the morning, and there are probably traffic jams on the roads! What should be done in such a situation? If you calm down, call common sense to help and follow the tips from this article, you will put yourself in order in 10-15 minutes and be able to get to the office on time.

If you have 10 minutes ...

Houses: Make a face mask is the easiest and fastest way to tighten your skin, remove fine wrinkles and improve complexion. The composition of the mask, depending on the needs of the skin. Do you need a lifting effect? Dilute 2 tablespoons of cosmetic clay with water to the consistency of sour cream, apply on face for 4-5 minutes, rinse with warm water. Does skin need nutrition? Apply 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise to your face, wait 10 minutes, rinse. Do you need to moisturize and whiten your skin? Mix 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. After the mask has been washed off, rinse your face with cold water and apply a moisturizer.

In the cabin: If you only have 10 minutes left, a non-injection carboxytherapy is ideal. The procedure is very pleasant - first the master removes makeup, cleanses the skin with milk, applies a light scrub, and then treats it with a tonic. Then a special gel is applied to the skin with active molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide, over which a mask is applied. Oddly enough it sounds, but carbon dioxide, getting under the skin, provokes the release of oxygen, thanks to oxyhemoglobin. By the way, the lack of oxygen is one of the main causes of skin aging, loss of firmness and elasticity. Simultaneously with the production of oxygen, a powerful process of activation of internal resources and cell regeneration begins.

If you have 30 minutes

Houses: During this time, you can do a little home care that perfectly refreshes the skin and allows you to look alert and rested, even if you really could not rest. Start with a scrub - gently massage your face to remove dead skin particles, fill your face with radiance. Then apply a mask for 10 minutes (moisturizing, firming or nourishing), rinse with warm water. Apply a moisturizer to your face, and then give a gentle massage. Gently massage the active points on the chin, above the upper lip, in the corners of the eyes, above the eyebrows, on the forehead.

In the cabin: How to put yourself in order? The ideal choice is the Fibrostrike hardware procedure. The procedure is based on the method of stimulating the production of own fibroblasts in the skin. The innovation of the technique is that fibroblasts that directly affect the elasticity of the skin are not introduced into the dermis from the outside. An increase in the number of fibroblasts starts the process of renewal and restoration of the skin, activates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid (intercellular matrix). This technique is painless and takes place in several stages. The first stage is diamond pilling, which affects the stratum corneum. The second step is to saturate the skin with various cocktails and serums to moisturize and nourish it. Sera are selected individually for each patient, taking into account its anatomical features and its problems. The final stage is athermal laser exposure, which stimulates the production of the intercellular matrix.

How to tidy yourself up at home if you have 1 hour

Houses: Start with peeling, then make a mask with the effect of lifting, rinse it off and apply another - moisturizing or nourishing. Finish off with a 10-minute facial massage. And then light the aroma lamp with your favorite essential oil (if there is no such lamp, just mix a couple drops of essential oil with cream and apply on whiskey, wrists, elbows), close the curtains and lay quietly for 20 minutes. Close your eyes, focus on breathing and try to distract from any problems.

STEP 1. Contrast shower

This is for true heroines! If your zeal for a full-fledged procedure is not enough, it’s enough to do two things: contrast only the feet (a great way to cheer up) and the face (instead, you can put a towel soaked in ice water on your face). It is also great for morning washing to wipe with a cube of ice, and if this ice is made from a herbal decoction, then the result will not be long in coming.

In general, the number of manipulations depends solely on the amount of free time!

How to hide wrinkles

Use a face leveling agent. Serum with reflective pigments will help hide small wrinkles.

Advice! To keep up with everything and not try to bring beauty to the last moment in minutes, exercise your sense of time. Set on the stopwatch for 5 minutes, close your eyes and mentally record this time. After several workouts, you will begin to feel better and more accurate!

STEP 3. Hair mask

Hair also suffered during the night and should be washed at least and applied to your favorite mask. But, if there is no mask, then look in the refrigerator - a mask made from a mixture of vegetable oils (even homemade unrefined is suitable, and even olive and even more so), with a spoon of honey and sour cream (or stale kefir) is a great option. After 20 minutes, your hair will sparkle! It is important to thoroughly rinse off the mask with shampoo otherwise the opposite effect will be.

STEP 4. Get rid of the excess

So, you are invigorated, the mask is applied to the hair, the face is washed and steamed - what's next? Cleansing! Do you have ground coffee? What about oatmeal? Bran? Coarse flour or flour? Everything will do! (not necessarily right away). We apply any product from the list to preheated wet skin and gently massage the skin of the face (or the whole body) with soft circular movements, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off. Thanks to this massage, blood flow in the skin will increase, oxygen will enrich the blood and you will have a healthy glow, and all peeling and dead skin cells will be expelled from your pretty face (and not only)!

STEP 4. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin

Well? Have a desire to continue our mini-SPA treatments? It remains a little - to make a mask that moisturizes the skin, nourishes it, removes dryness and lethargy. And in this matter there is no limit to perfection, there are a lot of masks. But we need an instant effect!

It is important to remember that in the shower we do not make anti-edematous masks, we will leave them last, so in the bathroom we aim to refresh the complexion:

* A mask of equal proportions of honey, protein, milk, lemon juice and bran is very effective, but it is often not worth using, only if you need a quick effect. You can apply it in the bathroom while showering, the skin is just steamed and ready to take in all the useful things, so you can apply the mask immediately after cleansing and continue to relax further. If you have little free time, then 5 minutes will be enough, but for the best effect - 15-20 minutes.

* The face can be refreshed and revitalized in other proven, but milder ways. The mask of yolk, any vegetable oil (except for store sunflower) and oatmeal works perfectly. A mask of fat cream (or sour cream) with cucumber juice helps to rehabilitate as well. Another option is raw egg white and banana pulp.

* If there is no time and desire to create a separate mask, apply the rest of the hair mask to the face, and if you still have citrus essential oil - a couple of drops in the mask will energize the skin.

So, what is the result of these 20 minutes in the shower? Are you cheered up? Of course! Your hair shines, your skin turns pink, it is cleaner and softer. The mood should be just great or at least already good!

"You-moms say" ...

Yu-moms are familiar with the problem of dry skin and know many proven methods of moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face!

“... I’m also dry, about 2 weeks ago I bought myself avocado oil, I’m smearing it on the stigma, I’m happy as an elephant, my complexion has improved, the peeling has gone right away, otherwise it was peeling so much, horror.” (Note auth. - This option is also perfect for hair - with avocado oil alone, you can moisturize and nourish your hair, face skin, and body).

“Oatmeal masks help well, it’s better to brew the oatmeal with warm milk and on the face. You can simply rinse your face with oatmeal broth. ”(Note by aut. - You can not wait until the oatmeal has completely dried up, and then the soft scrub smoothly transforms into a nourishing face mask. All this can be done in the shower, along with other restorative procedures).

“At night, take a little cream that you use and add cosmetic oil, a few drops.” Note author - This is an excellent prophylactic, especially if time is limited in the morning. Do not be lazy to spend exactly 2 minutes on this before going to bed and then the skin will thank you so much in the morning. Ideal oil is ylang-ylang, patchouli, clary sage, rose, lavender).

“... I also had dry skin on my body after pregnancy, here the girls praised the scrub from ground coffee and cocoa, I generally made - cocoa powder, ground coffee, sugar, sour cream, olive oil and a couple more oils, which were on me, and on the body warmed up after a shower, the skin after that is just ahhhhhhhh. I am so grateful to the girls for this tip! Soft, delicate and not at all dry! Today I did this procedure in the bathhouse, class! Olive oil softens the skin very well. ” (Note auth. - Another option for nutrition and purification in one “bottle.” This procedure will take no more than two minutes for massage and ten minutes for food).

Let's rest for 5 minutes now. Drink a cup of green tea or a decoction of chamomile, these are diuretics and they will already begin to deal with edema - the eternal companion of a heavy morning ...

In the fight against this trouble, we will again return to the kitchen and get ... potatoes!

Miracle potatoes in the fight against edema!

What, what, and every housewife in the kitchen has potatoes! Such is the Russian tradition. It is the potato that will help us remove the swelling. For some, they appear only on the skin around the eyes, for others on the whole face. Use potato masks as you like, the result will be anyway.

There are many options for masks from potatoes, but we will divide them into 2 types: for lazy beauty and peppy beauty. For the lazy, it’s enough to grate the potato, apply a thick layer on a linen napkin, wrap it, put it on your eyes and lie down ... If you have 20 minutes - great! But 5 minutes is also enough. If you want to diversify the menu - add a couple of tablespoons of wheat flour and milk to the grated potatoes, you can add sour cream, olive or butter ghee and apply without a towel.

The Secret of Models: Have you ever wondered how models with such a fast pace of life manage to look good? The work obliges them to attend nightly events, and in the morning another important casting can easily be assigned. The result is lack of sleep and swelling, and if skin imperfections can be masked by proper makeup, then swollen eyes can ruin everything. Do not think that they all have miraculous serums with nano-particles of perfect appearance, no. The secret is simple - a cream for hemorrhoids! Yes, it is applied to the skin around the eyes. Due to its action, this cream quickly removes swelling and the face looks quite rested.

Not only models can share their secrets, our mothers are also very savvy in matters of beauty!

The most important question: WHERE DO YOU CHILD?

Of course, if the cause of a sleepless night is a sick child, then ten minutes is sometimes difficult to find, and even in such moments you rarely think about yourself. But, a beautiful mother is both an energetic and confident mother, so any procedure can be reduced, the number of manipulations minimized and simplified. The main thing is to have a desire and understand that a well-groomed appearance is not necessarily the result of visiting beauty salons with wonderful procedures. This is just the desire of mom to be well-groomed and the presence of a certain set of products in her refrigerator!