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How do you like a guy who is older than you? How to like a guy who is older than you (for teenage girls)


Do you want to meet a guy who is a couple of years older than you? Read on!

  1. 1 Talk to him. This is a good start. If you do not get to know him, then how can you please him? It may not be easy, so try to make friends with his friends, or chat with him on Facebook. In addition, you can push him while walking by, but so that it looks like an accident, then apologize and start a conversation, however, if he does not peck at this bait or does not show interest in you, do not be discouraged, you will be lucky in next time.
  2. 2 Get to know him. Ask questions. Guys love to talk about themselves, just as girls like to do it. But if you want to achieve your goal and build relationships, you should not talk about yourself, but rather listen to what the young man tells about himself. Ask him if he is engaged in sports, find out what kind of music he listens to, what is his favorite movie. Anything. However, do not go too far, do not bombard him with an excessive number of questions, otherwise he is unlikely to want to deal with you. Instead, calmly build your conversation.
  3. 3 Invite to meet outside the school. Ask him if he wants to eat ice cream with you, etc. If you feel awkward, you can invite him by writing a message. In addition, do not ask questions in the forehead. For example, instead of saying, “Hey, you don’t want to eat ice cream with me?” Say something like: “This fruit ice cream is delicious! I’m ashamed if you don’t try this yummy with me.” Or you can hint differently that you want to meet him outside of school. Try to be fun so that he sees how interesting it is to spend time with you. Smile Guys love happy girls.

Dress appropriately. Choose clothes that enhance your look. Do not wear clothes that call into question your integrity. In other words, do not wear too defiant clothing, baggy type clothing, too modest, or dirty clothes. Instead, wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. It is important to remember that, guys - they love with their eyes, and they want to see not your clothes, but your skin. Nevertheless, in order to look stylish, which is the key to attracting the attention of an older gentleman, you must show your skin within reasonable limits. Therefore, choose the best part of your body, be it legs, arms, neck, etc. and focus on it.

  1. 1 Makeup When it comes to makeup, it is worth considering the look of the opposite sex, because, in most cases, guys like girls with natural beauty. Therefore, use cosmetics to a minimum. Foundation / moisturizer, blush / bronzer, eyeliner or eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss can be used by girls who are used to using cosmetics, if you want to have a natural look, you can use blush / bronzer, mascara for eyelash and lip gloss. However, do not use unnatural tones that will make you look like a clown.
  2. 2 Be sure. Guys don't like insecure girls. Walk with your head held high and don’t worry about what others think of you. Thanks to this, you will seem more mature, and he will certainly appreciate it, because he will see that you do not care what people say about your age difference. If you are confident in yourself, he will want to build a relationship with you, since you look mature.
  3. 3 Be yourself. Do not change your mind and behavior just because you want to please the guy. If you always agree with the guy, he will get bored very soon. Most guys despise fake girls, and thoughts do not allow building relationships with them. Be real, it really matters in your relationship, and he will certainly want to be with you.
  4. 4 Talk about your feelings. Do not use IM / Facebook / MSN etc for this purpose. Talk about your feelings face to face if you feel comfortable. Tell him that you really like him, as well as what you think he should know. Do not tell him that you are deeply in love with him and want to marry him, this will scare him away, and he most likely will not want to continue his relationship with you. If he does not feel the same way, just smile and tell him that it is his right, everything is in order! Remember, there are many other fish in the sea, the light on it did not converge in a wedge. Therefore, do not be sad, yours will not leave you.


So, how to please a boy from the class:

  1. If you study better than him, try to offer him help with homework.
  2. If he studies better than you, ask him for help with this.
  3. Try to get close to his friends, who are probably studying in your same class. With them you can learn more about him and easily join his company.
  4. Take part in extracurricular activities with him. Make a wall newspaper together, put on a sketch, dance or sing a song - rehearsals and success after the concert will bring you closer.
  5. You have the same number of lessons at school - so what's stopping you from going home together?

If you need to like a classmate boy, follow this scheme - and there will be no disappointment.


Each girl wants to please the boy and make an unforgettable impression on him. Being quite young and inexperienced, a girl cannot know all the subtleties of this business. She is trying to make every effort to look good, to be interesting and attractive.

If you decide to impress the boy and please him, the most important thing is to be yourself. Do not invent yourself some kind of image and behavior. Everything should be natural. Each person has its own pros and cons, so isn’t it better to demonstrate something good, and work on negative qualities?

So, some tips on how the boy will like it at school:

  • You need to take care of your appearance. Neat appearance: good hairstyle, modest but stylish clothes. Do not wear and show off your best outfits. It is important to combine clothes correctly: remember that clothes should have a maximum of three colors. Clothing should not be too frank, everything should be a measure. The main thing is neatness and a sense of taste. If your peers have already begun to paint and dress not according to age, you do not need to take an example from them. Modesty, lightness - have always been valued the most.
  • Be nice, affable and kind. Boys do not like rudeness. The girl should radiate tenderness and light. If your classmates believe that the ability to use foul language, smoke, look sexy, and paint is the best method for a boy to like, they are mistaken. A girl is a flower, therefore they should be treated with due respect. And respect is caused by decent, educated girls.
  • Take an interest in what your chosen one likes (hobbies, hobbies), what circles he goes to, what he is fond of, what music he listens to. Join his interests in order to show off your knowledge and skills, and thereby make a proper impression on him.
  • Sometimes you can turn to the boy for advice and help, but do not bother him.
  • Communicate with him more, joke, be natural.
  • Do not over-display that you like him. At school, many envious people can throw unsuccessful, insulting jokes in your direction, so approach this skillfully.
  • Compliments were given, show support, be a friend you can trust.
  • Try to be polite with others, as your behavior is viewed from the side.
  • Sometimes you can plan a situation where you can be together: sit next to school, go home, stand on guard together during a break, etc.
  • Take your time, give him time to examine you and sort out your sympathies.

How to like a boy at age 12

How to like a boy if you are 12? By this age, enough tastes and interests are formed to surprise the guy. But if he does not notice you, it is better to use some new methods. Try to work on your appearance. Consult with your mom, with friends, look at interesting images on the Internet. But do not try to look older. Dress stylishly, but not vulgarly.

Try to find out what the guy you like is fond of. Join his interests. Remember that guys appreciate those girls you can trust and who you can rely on. They love those who are not afraid of any obstacles, who love all sorts of boy things. Try to do some kind of sport - it always causes interest and respect.

How to please a boy if he is older

Often girls like guys who are much older than them. Girls by their nature develop much faster than boys, so sometimes with peers it is completely not interesting.
So how does a school boy like him if he is older than you? The mistake of many girls is that they try to give themselves age and look older. This method does not cause much respect. Try to be natural. The most important thing is to be interesting: to read a lot, to develop, to have a lot of hobbies. It should be fun to talk with you on different topics.

Use in your speech more humor, all sorts of funny words and phrases that will cheer you up and enrich the conversation. Humor, smile, lightness, sincerity - this is what he will like! Do not be smart. Tediousness causes boredom and apathy, and your task is a manifestation of interest.

Theater, cinema, KVN, sports, books, games - a lot of areas for development. Be interesting and busy. Exclude ostentatious joy, pretense, stupidity and naivety from your behavior. The most important thing is seriousness, respect and ease.

Ways to like a boy at school in 1 day

Each girl wonders how to please the boy in one day and what to do to like a boy who you like? There can be no affirmative answer to this question, it all depends on you and on the person who likes you.

Try to impress him: put on something beautiful, make a hairstyle. Attractive appearance has always worked wonders. People are used to seeing you in one image, so try changing it, becoming brighter and more beautiful. This is a win-win option so that in 1 day the boy will like it.

If you don’t know how to please the boy at school, try to show off your abilities in sports, or at some event. You can try to hint to him about your sympathies, such determination will allow you to get closer.

How to like a boy if he does not like you

Often sympathies and feelings are not mutual, what to do in this case? How to like a boy if he does not like you? As such, there is no way to fall in love with a guy. You won’t be forcibly sweet and, if he doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t try hard to please a person, it only causes remoteness and irony.
The only way is to remain yourself.

Try to deal with yourself, your appearance and behavior. You should have more hobbies and hobbies: sports, dancing, music (learn to play the guitar), painting.

Girls who are full of interests and hobbies are always interesting to children. Don’t forget, activities such as sports and music can help you expand your circle of fans. Usually after such an internal and external “update”, a guy who did not like you begins to show increased interest and bite his elbows. Therefore - act!

How to like a guy

Many girls make efforts every day in order to at least somehow interest the guy and please him. Often not all tips and techniques help to do this. What to do in this case?

Try to interest a guy. It can be an interesting conversation, a joint walk through various fascinating places.

If the guy does not yet know about your feelings, try to approach the relationship from a friendly point of view. Do not rush things. He should look at you and decide on his sympathies. Your main task is to prove yourself as a girl from the best side. Be sincere, smiling and interesting.

Do not forget, something more can grow out of friendly sympathies. The main thing is patience and maximum effort. Be always beautiful, well-groomed, kind towards others.

How would a pen pal like it

Correspondence is a great opportunity to start a conversation, get to know each other, and thereby, interest a guy. Your task is to make the correspondence as entertaining and interesting as possible. Browse the guy’s profile: his hobbies, the music he listens to and what kind of jokes he’s laughing at.

It is known that a personal page helps self-expression to any person and can easily talk about what he is. You can discuss your favorite music with a pen pal. Find common topics, but before that, be sure to study special material so as not to look stupid, but thereby show that you understand this topic.

What to do if you are a complete girl

Many girls are terribly complex because of their appearance and believe that fullness can scare away a guy. What to do and how to please a guy if you are complete? First, take care of yourself, your appearance. Choose a stylish hairstyle, do a light make-up that can add to your appearance attractiveness and charm. Fullness should not stop you from looking good.

How to like a boy? With age, we understand how relationships are built between people, but in the teenage period, when first love comes, it’s not at all clear how the boy can be liked. Many begin to copy the appearance of some famous personalities and try to imitate the manner of the heroines of the movie, but everything looks very playful and inappropriate. Most boys are interested in how to spend time with the girl and what to talk about, and not how skillfully she will play someone else's image.

To please a boy, one must start with looks, only in this matter one should not try to become the same as most girls in school - it is important to be able to stand out. In order to emphasize your individuality, it is better to choose things of your style, and not fundamentally change it. Shoes with tall heels, if before that all the time in sneakers was pointless, there will be a lot of attention, but all of it will be devoted to an inept gait and will take the form of mockery. Remaining in your image you need to become a little brighter - blue jeans, when everyone wears dark, hair gathered in a ponytail, if everyone walks with loose hair.

Well-groomed and style play a lot in the perception of a person and boys even at a very young age celebrate girls who have beautifully laid hair, neat clothes and the ability to combine accessories. A stylish haircut, a couple of things from the latest collection and comfortable clothes will become the key to an attractive appearance. Trying to buy up all the fashion boutiques is not relevant, but in choosing an image you need to focus on your age category, because what looks great on twenty-year-old girls is just ridiculous for a girl of 11 years old.

The next point will be the choice of behavior, since one bright appearance is not enough. It is necessary to attract attention by actions, for which it is not necessary to do something extreme or shocking, you should also avoid attracting attention by scandals and antisocial behavior. It is best to show your kindness and cheerful character, and not only in relation to the boy who likes, but to everyone around.

You can try to show your best sides, but do not completely redo yourself and be with a guy completely different person. Even if you succeed, then in the event of disappointment, it will be a great pity the enormous efforts spent on creating an illusory image. But to disappointment, you need to be prepared, because after the boy liked you, you will begin to communicate closer and he may be far from the ideal that your drew.

How to like a boy at school

The school itself imposes many restrictions on communication and its forms of manifestation, which rather complicates the possibility of sympathy. But at the same time, the presence of mandatory behavior requirements and joint tasks helps to figure out even how to please a boy who does not like you. In the school process itself, there are many joint activities where you can help someone you like. By participating in productions and showing your talents, you can change the guy’s perception. The main thing to remember is not to wait for attention and to engage in dialogue with him more, as well as to prove yourself, the only trick is to do this exclusively on a business topic. Do not talk openly about your own feelings, if you know that the boy does not like him, better cooperate with him and exercise restraint. Such a calm approach promotes the appearance of sincere interest, the guy at least wants to learn how by interacting for so long you don’t even have friendly feelings for him.

Отлично, если в школе проходят дополнительные кружки или секции, куда ходит понравившийся парень – туда можно записаться и у вас станет больше совместных тем и времени, проведенного вместе. Come carefully to the choice of these activities - the boxing section may not be the best option, but aircraft modeling is quite suitable - and it will be easier to manage and will not cause suspicion of what the girl is doing there. It is optimal that these classes satisfy your interests or you can choose others (gymnastics, drawing). Usually, all classes are held on the same schedule, which means that you will have a total time during breaks and on the way home.

To use lessons in order to establish relationships is not only not recommended, but also useless; for personal communication, changes and time after classes are best suited. If you try to attract attention during class, you can seriously ruin the relationship with the teacher, which will affect the entire process of staying at school.

You can meet more often at breaks, arrange casual meetings, choose a place in the dining room next to the guy. Such meetings should not look intrusive and cause him paranoia, if your class is now in another part of the school, and you are alone around the guy, you will have to come up with an iron alibi, why you need to be here (for example, the need to wait for the teacher - only then wait for him and ask something).

If the lessons end at the same time, then you can chat on the way home or even ask him for help - to bring books, protect him from yard dogs, tell you that you are afraid of bullies in the yard. You can offer to do homework together, but it’s better not to start with this. At the beginning, discuss the break assignments a couple of times, maybe he can explain something to you, or you can let him write off.

Attracting attention with the appearance of the school is not desirable, but you should not forget about it completely. Even the most boring form can be made more original by using jewelry or braiding hair. Everything that is not prohibited by the school charter can be safely used to emphasize your individuality. Even if the rule is set for white shirts, you can choose not classic, but with hand embroidery and beads instead of buttons - the main thing is to show imagination.

How to like a boy at 10 years old

Perhaps the first thoughts on how to please the boy come precisely at 10 years old. This is the easiest in terms of establishing normal friendships and the most difficult in the formation of inter-sexual interaction, due to the different speed of mental processes. Then, as the girls already begin to feel sympathy for the guys, walk with them and communicate more, the boys still do not feel such a need. Girls already have the style of communication, less and less want to spend time with friends, and at those moments when there is communication with girls, I want to discuss the possibility of relationships with guys, find out who they like and share information to improve the image. The boys behave themselves at this time as before - they spend time with the guys, consider the girls boring and do not really notice the difference in gender.

To win the boy’s liking is a difficult task, since all his hobbies are outside the scope of girls. Some often begin to communicate with older children, since they are already interested in girls and they can quickly find a common language, but not all of those who are older will agree to communicate with a younger girl. But the situation is not hopeless. Interest at a given age should be attracted by being involved in general activities. If you know how to coolly ride a bicycle or roller skates - you can arrange competitions, if you know an interesting abandoned house, then you can arrange a tour there.

How does a boy like him at 10? You need to show enthusiasm and character, if you are fascinated to look at the boy and nod to his every word, then he will not be interested. It’s best to defeat him in some business. Outrun, it is better to pass the control, climb a tree higher - this will attract his attention at least because the boy cannot allow the girl to defeat him. Competitions will help build friendships and strong relationships, especially if you lose after a series of victories, and in another area you ask for advice or teach you. For example, you can overtake him on skates, while asking to learn how to ride a skateboard, you can better pass the literature and try to explain mathematics. You can’t constantly beat him, because the guy’s decline, and he will find a social circle where he will look better.

You don’t need to tell a guy 10 years old about his feelings, especially in a romantic manner from melodramatic films - he may not understand this, which pushes many to pretty cruel jokes. Try to spend more time where he spends it and actively participate in everything that happens. If a crowd of boys is playing snowballs, then it’s better to join, and playing for the enemy’s team - he will definitely remember you. The worst thing that can be done is to pass by with a haughty and boring face, showing with all its appearance how snowballs are not serious for a girl. He will simply understand that you should not call such a person with you, but a cheerful and mischievous girl who can have fun along with him will always want to see. And even if he does not realize what exactly is happening and does not know what this feeling is called, but you already become special for him.

How to like a boy at 11 years old

By the fifth grade, the boys gradually show interest in the opposite sex, begin to notice obvious differences. They are still trying to hide it, they still spend a lot of time playing games with guys, but they already notice the girls. At 11 years old, in order to gain attention and arouse a guy’s sympathy, it’s necessary to do the same as before - to be together more often and get involved in general activities. The only difference is that it will take less effort now. Boys at this age already regard help with lessons not only as an opportunity to improve their grades, but also enjoy chatting. Many ask for help not by the excellent students, but by the pretty girls - study art