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Unrequited love - what to do?


Love is a wonderful feeling that fills the inner world and gives mental strength to act. But it does not always bring happiness, because it is unrequited. Statistically, this feeling without reciprocity is more common than mutual. People can endure inseparable love in different ways: it is enough for someone to love themselves, someone suffers, and someone quickly forgets about a person if the relationship with him cannot be full. You can survive unrequited love by focusing on your own person and patience.

Situations in which unrequited love arises in a woman’s life:

  1. 1. A man is married and a relationship with a woman was entertainment for him or arose in a state of alcoholic, drug intoxication.
  2. 2. Feelings subsided over time, the girl either ceased to attract and interest the guy, or he met another, which he liked more.
  3. 3. A woman was initially not to the liking of a man.
  4. 4. The chosen one has psychic deviations in which a feeling of love is alien to him.

The reasons why people love unrequitedly, psychologists and psychotherapists associate with the characteristics of the psyche. It can be both pathological conditions, and a kind of emotional sphere. Mental disorders characterized by a tendency to experience non-reciprocal feelings include:

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  1. 1. Mitigation - manifests itself in an obsessive attraction to a person, regardless of feedback. This is because a person emotionally remains at the initial stage of a relationship. For 3-5 years, he concentrates on a specific object, then changes it.
  2. 2. Erotomania - manifests itself as an unreasonable confidence that others show interest and signs of interest in a person. He is sincerely convinced that he evokes sympathy and sees signs of this in everything and invents them in his imagination. On the basis of his errors, he gives the relationship with the object of love non-existent features, causing discomfort to the partner.
  3. 3. Low self-esteem - self-doubt people can secretly love their whole lives, considering themselves unworthy of the object of love. Or, because of complexes and dislike for herself, a woman begins to behave inappropriately, suppressing or not demonstrating her strong qualities, she ceases to cause interest.

Experts are unanimous in the opinion that all these conditions are corrected using sessions with a psychologist or psychotherapist, depending on the stage of development.

There are people who in their imagination tend to endow beloved with non-existent positive qualities and love the created image, which has nothing to do with the real person. Often this happens in adolescence or young age, and the artist, singer or other public person becomes the object of love.

Experts say that love without reciprocity has a positive effect on a person. First of all, it is a source of inspiration - many writers have created their best masterpieces thanks to this feeling. In creativity, this is called sublimation - unrealized feelings spill over into stories and words.

There are also benefits for non-creative individuals - suffering often becomes a powerful impetus to improve, acquire new qualities and change lives for the better, both externally and internally.

In addition, this feeling speaks of the general ability to love, albeit unrequitedly in the current period of time. This means that in the future a woman has many chances to give love and receive it in response with another partner.

Able to think objectively and critically, people are able to learn moral lessons from such an experience and not repeat the mistakes that led to suffering.

It’s rare that anyone admits, but to many people unrequited love brings positive emotions, they even feel the need for it. They like to suffer and be in the role of a victim, receive comfort and support from others.

Experts recommend a positive look at unrequited love, because with this feeling:

  • in the future, they will not stop loving a woman and there will be no more disappointment,
  • the girl will not be abandoned by the object of love
  • feelings will not begin to fade due to trials and life,
  • treason is impossible.

You can survive an unrequited love (not related to mental disorders) for a man by acting in several directions:

  • reduce contacts and spending time together to a minimum: avoid meetings, change phone number, remove from social networks,
  • concentrate on your personality and love yourself more than him,
  • to diversify your life with different types of activities that help you develop and get positive emotions,
  • open new acquaintances and relationships, expand the circle of friends.

It must be remembered that it is impossible to quickly forget strong feelings, they will fade away gradually with systematic work on oneself. Experts say that love, not fueled by reciprocity, normally leaves itself, even if you don’t make any efforts, it is replaced by things and emotions that become more meaningful.

Having fallen in love with herself, the girl manages to solve several serious problems at once:

  • get rid of complexes and significantly increase your self-esteem,
  • learn to take care of yourself, improve your appearance,
  • start to respect yourself more, your work, thoughts, ideas, find harmony and understand your exclusivity, accept flaws,
  • stop pessimistic about everything that is happening around and believe that the following relationship will be happy.

In all cultures of the world, it is believed that a person who loves and respects himself is inevitably loved and respected by others. If she accepts herself completely, likes herself, then she begins to attract people to herself and arouse their admiration and trust. According to human psychology, self-satisfaction eradicates aggression, envy and anger.

Psychologists advice on how to love yourself:

Improve appearanceExternal attractiveness is achieved by regular self-care in the following areas:

  • maintaining a balanced diet
  • regular exercise
  • systematic skin care procedures,
  • applying makeup that emphasizes beauty,
  • hair care procedures, daily styling,
  • clothing suitable for the type of figure that matches the taste.

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The main goal that you need to achieve when working to improve your appearance is to like your own reflection in the mirror

Praise yourselfEvery day there are hundreds of reasons to praise yourself and say good words to yourself:

  • early awakening
  • beautiful appearance achieved through diligence,
  • professional activity,
  • help others
  • cooking skills
Give yourself giftsPampering yourself and encouraging for any achievements is a good way to cheer you up. As gifts can be:

  • underwear, stockings, tights,
  • cosmetics and perfumes,
  • clothes and accessories,
  • trips to beauty salons
Have a good restRest is the main condition for the restoration and strengthening of the nervous system and the best prevention of depression. Ways to relax:

  • observe a healthy 8-10 hour sleep regimen,
  • take relaxing baths with essential oils and sea salt,
  • listen to music and watch interesting films,
  • take massage courses
Put your interests above the interests of othersTo love yourself, you need to stop worrying about the opinions, statements and actions of others. This helps to realize that everyone thinks about himself, and not about her, but everyone likes it is impossible. It is unacceptable to sacrifice your comfort, time and other resources to please others.
Do not compare yourself with othersThe formation of self-esteem by comparison with other women who were or are in the life of the rejected man is impractical because:

  • if they are beautiful and have many positive qualities, you can feel not worthy enough,
  • if, in the woman’s opinion, they lose in everything to her, then she will be offended that they were loved, but she is not.

A negative effect on self-esteem and a comparison of yourself with any girls from the environment. You need to realize your own self-sufficiency and uniqueness and love the unique features

Do not settle for compromises that offend and humiliateOften, a man does not reciprocate after some time in the relationship with that woman who “creeps” and does everything to please him. It becomes uninteresting to conquer and achieve it, respect is lost. Examples:

  • consent to his frequent meetings with friends to the detriment of joint leisure,
  • acceptance of his unhealthy lifestyle - the use of drugs, alcohol,
  • forgiveness of unacceptable behavior - abuse, abuse, insults,
  • sacrifice of own time for the sake of establishing living conditions,
  • consent to be one of his women

You can deal with unrequited feelings by introducing new ways to spend time. Focusing attention and concentrating on the lesson, we manage to get distracted and not remember the object of unhappy love. You can distract in the following ways:

  • change the situation - move to another place or go on a spontaneous trip,
  • start creative work - art therapy is recognized as one of the most effective methods to overcome psychological problems,
  • to meet friends, relatives, new people and have fun in a cafe, at theme parties, quests,
  • attend concerts that artists like
  • choose a new hobby - collecting, photography, needlework.

A new activity gives a lot of positive emotions, experience and expands the circle of communication - getting into new places and companies increases the likelihood of meeting a person with whom you can build a full-fledged relationship.

Focusing on a career and developing additional skills is also an effective way to forget about a man. If there are unrequited feelings for a colleague, then this may interfere with professional development at this place of work. Then experts recommend changing it and either go to a competitive organization or do something new. The modern labor market allows us not to hold on to a place in a particular company, but to constantly consider vacancies in others.

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Ideas for a girl who decided to quit so as not to intersect with her beloved but not loving person:

  1. 1. Business - There are many startups that do not require significant investments: a manicurist, hand-made man, make-up artist, hairdresser-stylist. At first you can promote your business independently on social networks.
  2. 2. Freelance - In the era of the Internet, it is almost impossible to remain without a livelihood. Remote employees are now in great demand for bookkeeping, promotion on social networks, writing content, translations, writing programs, online sales and consulting.
  3. 3. Tutoring - if for this there is the necessary knowledge and skills.

It is recommended to take a real-time or online training, to attend personal growth trainings for mastering a new activity - the new knowledge and advice of successful people are very inspiring and allow you to forget about what worries you for a long time.

Letting go of a person becomes easier if it is possible to consider negative traits in him that were not noticed due to love. The advice that psychologists give is to carry out auto-training, as much as possible sincerely answer yourself in writing to a number of questions:

  1. 1. What is this man really good for? How is he better than others? How do his positive qualities manifest in actions, words?
  2. 2. If he is so good that it’s so hard to stop loving him, why am I suffering?
  3. 3. If there is a third woman in the relationship, how did such a positive character allow it? Did he think about the feelings of his chosen ones? Is he responsible for even one of us or is he only thinking about satisfying his desires and needs?
  4. 4. What could be the future with this man, if at this stage of his life communication with him caused so much discomfort?
  5. 5. What negative qualities does he have that are unacceptable to me?
  6. 6. Can I be happy only by giving away feelings and warmth, but not receiving them in return?
  7. 7. Are there any men from my environment (not necessarily potential partners, these may be relatives, husbands of friends) who, in many respects, are much more worthy of him? Do I have a chance to be with someone like them?
  8. 8. Are my feelings and sufferings sincere or is it just a desire to have a “drama” in life for shaking, diversity, and attracting attention to myself?
  9. 9. What I deserve as a woman with such. positive qualities? Did I get what I deserve next to him? Could you get in the future?

It is very important, when answering questions, to write and think about a man and his qualities, not to shift responsibility from him to himself or another woman.

In very rare cases, a woman is so in love that dialogue with herself with the answers to these questions does not put everything in its place and does not force one to overestimate what is happening. Recorded information must be viewed whenever it begins to cover again with a wave of feelings. If new negative traits are recalled or appear, they must be added.

Openness to new acquaintances and feelings is one of the most effective ways to forget a man. Taking care of yourself and expanding the circle of contacts, it is much more likely to meet a new person who will be several times worthy of the former. Such advice from psychologists will help to not spoil the relationship from the very beginning:

  1. 1. Do not talk about your recent unsuccessful experience - at the moment, unrequited love can be perceived as a whole drama, and after a few months you can not remember it, carried away by a new person. This information does not help in any way to get along with the new guy, will push him away and cause suspicions - why they did not like her, what was wrong with her.
  2. 2. Do not judge a guy in comparison with the former. All people are different, and there is hardly a standard by which to equate everyone else. Moreover, one cannot give such comparative evaluations aloud.
  3. 3. Initially, set up positively, use past experience as a lesson, but not a model of relationships. Analyze your mistakes and do not repeat them.
  4. 4. Never start a relationship of "evil" to the former - with a high probability he will not be offended, and the feelings of the new guy can be hurt.

If it’s not at all possible not to think about a man who does not reciprocate, it is recommended to visit specialists: to start a psychologist, if necessary, a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst. Sessions may not help stop falling out of love in a short time, but it will certainly become easier to understand the nature of this emotional dependence and more clearly understand what to do next.

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1. To achieve!

If, of course, the subject of your love is not a Hollywood actor, a famous singer or a Nobel laureate, if seeking a man does not contradict your principles, then boldly proceed with actions (and if it contradicts, then it’s better not to, because the joy of the result will be spoiled by your violence over your own principles).

When seeking a man, do not forget that you are a woman, and throwing the world at his feet, you are unlikely to achieve harmonious relationship. It’s better to do everything in a feminine way, unobtrusively, without revealing the cards, as if by chance finding yourself in the same places with him, being interested in what is interesting to him.

But one shouldn’t hide her sympathy either, most likely, she will only “bribe” the man and help him make the “right” decision. Of course, if you do not have common interests, it will be more difficult, but then you yourself decide whether you can "become interested" in his hobbies without losing your personality.

Try to open up in the company, take the initiative in conversation or questions into your own hands. Show him who you are - without ratings, pedestals, crowns and other attributes of self-promotion. Show honestly and naturally. Do not distance yourself, saying, "I'm all so-and-so here, and you sit there and don’t see what you are losing," on the contrary, try to be closer, sometimes invite him to a dance, sit down, start a conversation.

But do not overdo it, usually a man is very annoying when a woman tries too actively to get into their personal space, because you need to make sure that he makes a choice!

Unrequited love or one-sided love?

Psychologists say that when a person is in love unilaterally, then it is most likely not a question of love, but of love. In this case, between two people there is no long close communication and one who is in love, in fact, knows little about the subject of his passion. Pink glasses are put on the eyes, which carefully mask all the imperfections of the person who is aimed at tender feelings. Тут привлекают внешние данные или нафантазированные достоинства, коих на самом деле может не быть и в помине.

Как пережить безответную любовь, если она, к примеру, вспыхнула после одной встречи, одной бурной ночи, одного романтического свидания и т. d.? One of the two in these short moments was not difficult to be on top, he demonstrated all the best qualities of his nature, tenderness, romance, passion and went out forever ... The other side decided that he met the ideal and ignited a serious passion for a fictional image.

You object that mutual love relationships always begin with the idealization of the image of the chosen one or chosen one. And you will, of course, be right. But mutual love makes people gradually get to know each other better and better. Gradually, illusions do not withstand the merciless pressure of reality and over time, the first ardent feelings either develop into true love, agreeing to put up with all the shortcomings of the chosen one, or pass without a trace, like an acute respiratory illness.

The problem of unrequited love is that it can exist indestructible for many years, fueled by fantasies and hopes. It’s good to read novels and watch movies about such feelings, but in life it’s better to get rid of them faster. Indeed, it is so fleeting - our life, is it worth it to devote it to endless suffering!

Unrequited love in adolescence

Especially painfully unrequited love is perceived in adolescence. There is even an opinion that first love is always unhappy. In a sense, the unrequited love of adolescents becomes a preventive vaccine for them. Having survived the confusion of feelings in early youth, most young people become stronger psychologically, more attentive in the future to the subject of their new choice.

Fortunately, the majority of adolescents successfully pass through a difficult period, but in especially vulnerable and sensitive ones it can drag on. An inferiority complex may develop and this will have a negative impact on building relationships with the opposite sex in a future adult life.

If a boy or girl suffers greatly, not understanding how to cope with unrequited love, parents should provide support first of all. The trouble is that in adolescence, children often move away from close relatives. Those, often, are not able to help their son or daughter, because they simply don’t know how to behave and how to talk with their offspring in love.

How to help a teenager? Psychologist's advice for parents

1. Be as considerate as possible when talking with your child about his feelings. Otherwise, the teenager will become isolated and will no longer share his experiences with you.

2. Do not give tips that are suitable for adults (change hair, start fitness, etc.) It’s better to explain that his feelings were unrequited not because he was bad (not handsome enough, smart, etc.) It's just that people's feelings do not always coincide, because we are all different and this is absolutely normal.

3. Try to share memories of your first love. Tell us that once you also did not understand how to survive unrequited love. Be sincere when talking about your experiences and the lessons you learned from it.

4. If you understand that your personal experience is not interesting for your son or daughter, then switch to stories about the fate of the "stars" in which he is interested.

5. If you feel that the teenager has almost mastered inner loneliness, try to captivate him with some new business, sport, and creativity. You can go on a trip together.

If parents see that they cannot independently help the child and they are more and more deeply immersed in experiences, then it is better to turn to a professional psychologist and, together with him, look for ways out of this situation.

In general, adolescent love is a very extensive topic and requires a separate study. In the framework of this article, we gave only general brief recommendations. Further information presented in the article highlights the problems and relationships of adults.

Reasons for unrequited love

It happens that a person throughout his life repeatedly experiences a feeling of unrequited love. That is, the same type of situation, "Groundhog Day" is repeated again and again. This may indicate a psychological problem. Such people should attend an appointment with a specialist who will help them understand and understand themselves.

At the reception, psychologists have many visitors with the same type of problems. For example, a woman says: "I suffer from unrequited love!" - and begins to describe his situation. And here in the memory of an experienced psychologist immediately a whole string of similar stories arises about how women choose as the object of their love men who are married and happy in marriage or simply in love with another girl - that is, the most inaccessible.

Starting to unwind the tangle of problems of such visitors, the psychologist understands that in their subconscious mind is firmly convinced that they are unworthy of love, that dislike is normal for them. And the roots of this psychological anomaly go deep into childhood, when parents were too critical, meticulous and demanding of their child, scolding and criticizing for the smallest offense.

Often there are situations when unhappy one-sided love is a choice almost conscious. In these cases, women (this happens less frequently with men) do not feel the need for a full-fledged relationship. They need emotional torment, stormy feelings, but not a permanent partner for life. This indicates emotional immaturity and requires psychological correction.

There are frequent situations when a person’s life is so calm and comfortable in all areas that he subconsciously tries to create conditions that would give him the opportunity to suffer, to complain. This creates an emotional contrast and subsequently makes one appreciate her past life, which seemed so fresh and boring.

In general, there are many reasons for unrequited love, and those described here are just a drop in the ocean.

Unrequited love for a woman

We have outlined a list of what can help a man win a female heart:

1. Perseverance and perseverance.

4. A sense of humor.

5. Self-confidence.

6. Noticeable popularity with the opposite sex.

And women love strength and tenderness in one bottle. These are these strange and contradictory creatures. If a girl does not reciprocate, you can try to become her ideal. But, if you feel that you are not coping with such a difficult task and your love runs away from you, as from fire, then:

  • Do not chase her. This can cause even greater negative feelings in her soul.
  • Try to avoid the sight of a suffering victim, do not show others your feelings so as not to cause their ridicule. After all, it hurts without it.
  • In spite of everything, lead an active life, do not lock yourself in solitude.
  • Remember that over time, your "stock" will only grow. Women's beauty quickly fades, and men acquire charm over the years. In addition: ten girls according to statistics ... then you know yourself.
  • In no case do not start to drown your grief in alcohol. Nothing good will come of it.

Pros of the situation

Imagine that unrequited love can have its pluses - any experienced psychologist will tell you this. For example, a boy’s unrequited love for a girl can literally make him “roll mountains” in order to gain the favor of his beloved.

This is a huge incentive for self-improvement. The main thing is to act, and not sit limp in tears and snot. Direct the energy that strong loving feelings give to become better both externally and internally. Try to make your body perfect with sports and fitness, start reading a lot, try to achieve success in your professional activity, etc.

Persistent work on yourself will lead to the fact that others will be more interested in you, be surprised at the changes, express their admiration for the transformation that has taken place. All this will increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and open up new perspectives that you have never dreamed about. It may turn out that soon you will be able to see the person who caused you so much suffering, in a completely different light and with astonishment feel that love has passed.

What to do to a girl who is in love unrequitedly?

The weaker sex is actually not so weak. Many girls in love prefer not to sigh and think about how to survive an unrequited love for a man, but rather act decisively, trying to win reciprocity by any means, up to resorting to psychics who promise to make a powerful love spell. We must say right away that we do not advise anyone to do such dubious things. We give only ethical advice.

If you think that the guy just has not yet seen your virtues and beauty, then psychologists advise in this case, to do something that will help to quickly open his eyes. And for this, you do not need to look at the object of your passion from afar. Try to be closer to him! Be feminine and sweet. Clothing and hairstyle, of course, must be impeccable. Unrequited love for a man should be an occasion for you to strive for excellence in everything.

We will tell you one secret from the psychologist: let the man show in your presence his best qualities, the ability to perform some chivalrous acts. Stay weak, unprotected, turn to him for help, and when he gives it to you, then do not skimp on praise.

Find out what interests your chosen one the most in this life. Maybe he is a fan of boxing or loves to speak on political topics? Or maybe he likes to read the books of some fashionable modern author? Act! Try to share his interests and be on the same wavelength with him.

How to survive unrequited love? Psychologists advice

You have read a lot of tips. Most of them concerned situations where there is a prospect of provoking reciprocal feelings. Well, what if there is no such hope what to do in this case? It is impossible to live constantly feeling aching pain in the heart. They say that mental pain is much stronger than physical.

There is nothing to be done, you will have to pull yourself together and try to come to terms with the idea that the person you are in love with is free and you need to respect his right to this freedom. You all understand, but don’t know how to forget your loved one? Psychologist's advice will help you do this. So:

1. Shake yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Down with laziness! Try to load yourself as much as possible with any activity. If you do not know what to do, start repairs in your apartment or just rearrange the furniture. Mark with something significant the beginning of a new life.

2. Take away pictures of your loved one, his gifts and any things reminiscent of him.

3. Start meeting friends more often, go to the theater, to concerts, to the movies, to parties, etc. But avoid places where you can meet the person you want to forget.

4. Phrases about unrequited love, thoughts that you were not appreciated, did not reciprocate will still come to mind at first. Do not take such thoughts. You can object, mentally or aloud, that someday he or she will surely regret missed opportunities, but their train will leave.

5. Remember, finally, that there are many other representatives of the opposite sex in the world. Perhaps someone is interested in you, or maybe even worried because of an unrequited love for you. Try to respond to his feelings. What are you losing?

6. Tear off the "pink glasses". So far, you looked at the dignity of a loved one through a magnifying glass. Try changing the pros to the cons. Perhaps you are very lucky that this person passed by.

7. Do not go headlong into work, although you will want to do just that. Organize your days so that there is always time to relax, to go to the stylist, to the pool or to the park for a walk.

8. Think of loved ones. Perhaps while you were focusing on your unhappy love, your parents, relatives or friends suffered from your inattention and needed help and support.

9. Pay attention to your health. Stress greatly reduces the body's defenses, and a weakened body, in turn, cannot withstand stress. See how vicious the circle is! You definitely need vitamins, fresh air, the sun, positive emotions - all this increases the level of serotonin in the blood. And serotonin is a hormone of happiness.

10. If you do not want and cannot do anything to pull yourself out of the abyss of despair - this indicates that you have developed severe depression. It is very difficult to cope with it independently. Try to visit the psychologist’s office. Perhaps the specialist will consider it necessary to prescribe antidepressants for you.

Final word

Well, our conversation on how to survive unrequited love has come to an end. If you read these lines now, it means that the article was read by you to the end, which, in turn, says that you are a non-inert person and are trying to help yourself and are actively looking for a way out of a difficult situation. With all our hearts, we wish you happiness and mutual love, which (we are sure of this) will definitely happen in your life!