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How to create a wiki site?


Personal Wiki - A type of software designed to accumulate user information using wiki markup. The personal wiki allows you to organize information on your computer or mobile device in a form similar to Wikipedia, but only for personal use.

Personal wikis can be divided into multi-user wikis with the possibility of organizing personal space and single-user wikis that do not have a web server and a database server.

Quick and easy creation of your encyclopedia

No engines and learning HTML, you can get a ready-made wiki resource in a few minutes and absolutely free. For this, special services have been created, which we will tell you about now.

All wiki sites are designed in a simple way. their main purpose is to transmit information. Therefore, there are more and more services to create such resources every day. Here are the best:

  • - to create a site through this system you will use the same engine that was used to create Wikipedia. Everything is extremely simple and you can create encyclopedias on various topics.
  • - The Wikia site was created by the same people who worked on Wikipedia. Here you can also quickly launch your wiki resource, as well as take a collective part in the development of other people's encyclopedias.
  • - a project called Babylon allows you to get a finished resource in a few minutes. You can create a wiki page or help other people develop. Conveniently, a preview of the future page appears on the polygon.
  • is a foreign resource, so using it is somewhat more difficult. On the other hand, more beautiful sites are created through it. Understand the interface and get an encyclopedia with a shell similar to Wikidot.

Using all of these tools, creating a wiki site is as simple as it gets, and even a beginner can figure it out easily. The most difficult thing is to create a lot of content, which will then be filled with the encyclopedia.

If you promote your encyclopedia well, you can make good money only through advertising. Of course, it will be a small platform with a simple design, but accompanying it is much easier. And if you are planning to conquer the Internet, then create a blog, there are more serious prospects.

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How to create a wiki?

Button Create Wiki located in the upper right corner of the global navigation menu, in the drop-down list when you hover over the item "Wiki" and at the bottom of the footer. Each user can see it, but only registered participants can use it. To create a new Wikiproject, you need to click this button or use the Special: CreateNewWiki service page.

"What is your wiki about?"

When the first two steps are completed and the Create button is clicked, the wiki is already considered created. Manual change in the future will only be the text Description. Changing the names, addresses, language portal and thematic portal in the future can be done by employees or assistants of the FENDOM at the special request of the administration.

Interesting Facts

“Congratulations! Wiki created

  • When the wiki has already been created and the creator first opens it, the message “Congratulations!” Is automatically displayed on its screen. Wiki Created, ”calling for articles.
    • If desired, you can call it at any time by adding the “? wiki-welcome = 1».
  • If you select one of the standard themes in the third step, the background in the creation window changes to the background from the selected theme - this is a kind of preview.
  • The participant who created the wiki automatically receives the rights of the administrator and the bureaucrat, as well as the “Founder” subscription near the profile. When you connect achievements, he will also be given a unique golden badge.
  • In case of abuse of this feature, the participant may be limited in creating new wikis.
  • In the past, when hosting was still called Wikia, the wiki creation tool looked a bit different. See screenshots: