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How to check the remaining minutes on MTS


Checking the remaining minutes on your mobile phone is very useful in order not to exceed the limit of minutes provided to you. This is a free call that you can make at any time to find out the number of minutes, text messages, and Direct Connections (for Nextel users) remaining until the end of the billing cycle. This article will help you find out the rest of the minutes for Sprint and Nextel mobile phones.

How to check the remaining minutes on MTS via Ussd-commands

The easiest and most convenient option for everyone, no matter what phone people use, is a method by sending ussd request. In order to use it, just remember the format of the command.

By dialing * 100 * 2 # from your mobile, you will receive a notification in response with the number of SMS and minutes. But in order to check for traffic, there is a separate command.

Checking the remaining minutes on MTS by short number

Mobile assistant is a great opportunity to manage your SIM card and find out useful information using your phone. With the help of an assistant, you can replenish your account with a credit card, pay the promised fee, check the balance, find out about the tariff, lock the card, get information about promotions, services, any tariffs.

At the same time, a call to 111 - a mobile assistant in the home region is free. Balance check is carried out as follows: press 111, then 1 and again 1. In audio format, you listen to information about the amount of money on the balance, the balance of minutes, SMS, traffic.

How to check the remaining minutes on MTS in your account

A personal account is a service necessary for each subscriber to manage their account and SIM card, pay for various services from a mobile phone, receive advice and other purposes. In your personal account you can find out about your tariff, balance of money and data on packages.

To do this, go to the page, enter your password and login (phone). On the main page on the left you will see a section with information about your SIM card, below will be the “Package Remains” field, by clicking on which, all data will appear.

My MTS application

Previously, a mobile assistant was the only way to manage your SIM card, but modern phones have the ability to install applications. And now all the operators, including MTS, have created programs for mobile devices, the main functionality of which is the same as in your personal account: account details, replenishment of the SIM card balance, service management, switching to another tariff, checking the account and the rest of the packages.

Through a search in Microsoft, Appstore, Google Play stores, you can download “My MTS” to your device. For more information, you can follow the link, where the installation file of the My MTS application is available for download to your smartphone.

After launching the program, go to the main menu by selecting the “Account” section, where information on the balance of packet data and the balance will be indicated.

AnyBalance App

AnyBalance is a program from the developer Dmitry Kochin, which automatically checks the balance of SMS, traffic, minutes, balance of the phone, Internet provider, e-wallets, bank cards, as well as displaying information about the exchange rate, the number of bonuses, weather.

All this can be in one device - your smartphone for your convenience. In this case, the balance is updated and displayed in the background after an outgoing SMS call.

Also, the user can set the balance threshold when it needs to be notified or dates. Detailing in the form of a balance history will be useful to those who want to save or remember what he was doing.

There are other features that you can learn about in the AnyBalance description located on Google Play. The application supports MTS, so the subscriber will learn with his help about how much money he has in his account and how many minutes.

You can download the utility for free on Google Play, using the search where you need to enter its name.

We call the operator and specify your remaining minutes

MTS operator is a technical support specialist of the largest Russian mobile company, who can help you with any questions. Basically, people turn to the operator to solve complex problems or on problems with quality, locking, unlocking.

But here you can solve several issues at the same time. To do this, dial 0890 from your MTS phone. If you need to get through to another SIM card, use the free number 88002500890.