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How to live without money and work: real stories of our readers


How to enjoy a luxurious life without having a lot of money? A colorful life full of travels, meeting interesting people, unusual hobbies and attending status events is waiting for you!

The ability to live beautifully and to the fullest often depends not on the amount of money, but on the ability to manage it and imagination. Living a beautiful and interesting life is easier than it seems at first glance. This manual is not so much for rogues, with pathos ambitions, as for poor people who love a rich and interesting life.

Olya Ivanova: without work and money - all means are good!

The most basic problem when there is no work is the lack of cash. No money is not to buy clothes or go to the movies. Sometimes there is no money to buy food. Only savvy can help here. Naturally, the goal is to at least get food somewhere. What did i do?

I called several cafes and asked a question - is it possible to take food waste from a dog from them? In several places they answered me positively. Thus, in the evening I came for food waste and collected it. By the way, the waste from the restaurants is pretty decent. Arriving home, I turned a bucket of food on a tray.

Since the waste is always fresh, you can choose a lot from it. For example, often meat comes from barbecue or pilaf. Sometimes chops or even rolls. Of course, this is not on a beautiful plate and after someone, but you need to close your eyes when there is no money for food.

What did I do next? Separating separately the meat, vegetables, fried potatoes, rice, fish slices and much more tasty, I did the repeated heat treatment. Everything that was edible from this pile, I always welded or roasted, never ate straight from the bucket, do not think anything like that. Pretty decent food, considering that it’s almost impossible to buy meat these days.

The rest of the food that was already eaten was real dumblyI put off to my pets: a dog with a cat. So unemployment and lack of money taught me how to survive.

And how to live without work differently? Of course, I do not mind eating in a restaurant, but now I have a different situation. Yes, I am in a state of near poverty. I have some savings from the time I earned before. But I do not spend this money, as I may need it for medicines - suddenly I get sick. How then to be?

The history of the unemployed Vitalik from St. Petersburg

Hey. To write a lot of laziness, so I’ll dash off while I have the strength. So it was like that. I worked in 2010 in St. Petersburg at a commercial company that was engaged in the wholesale of equipment, electrical panels, various automation and other ingenious devices.

My job was to call organizations and conduct sales. Boring, dull, but the money paid steadily. You sit in VKontakte and Odnoklassniki all day long, and once in half an hour you call someone and sit again. Then you go for lunch - you eat from the belly and back to the office.

Until 2016, everything seemed to be going fine, but closer to winter, the chef suddenly proposed to write a statement on his own, as sales disappeared somewhere, and feed me for free he is not interested. I was offended, I wanted to run to complain to someone, I tried to increase the volume of calls - I called 50-100 places a day, but nothing helped, in the end I put up with this fate and quietly quit.

And now the New Year is on the nose, and I am without work. As luck would have it, another loan for the car was not paid until the end. And I rented an apartment on Pionerskaya Street - I gave almost 18 thousand a month.

The same questions constantly revolved in my head:

  • how to live without work?
  • how to survive without work?
  • how to live without work?

The first thing I stopped going to the club on weekends. Then he decided to limit food - he began to buy vegetables, meat, and he cooked it himself. After that I had to move out of the apartment - instead of the one-room apartment near the metro station, Pionerskaya found a room half an hour from the Kupchino metro station for 8 thousand. Then came the turn of the car, a completely brand new Ford had to be sold, paid off the loan and bought a nine.

And then the earnings turned up - friends invited me to repair their apartment. True, the last time I held a hammer in my hands in childhood, at labor lessons at school, but no matter what you do from hopelessness.

And off we go. At first we were engaged in dismantling - we broke up partitions, broke floors, scraped off old plaster. I got tired terribly out of habit, then gradually got used to it, got used to it. The landlord paid the money on time. I met with other workers - it turned out that one Misha was from Moldova, the other two from Tajikistan, all 30-50 years old, had not been involved in repairs before either.

The apartment was finished by the summer, then another object appeared. And with experience, a sense of confidence in tomorrow began to appear. Now I’m planning to finish the courses on the fitter for the installation of heating equipment - it seems that the working specialty is now more in demand than the sales manager. So we survive.

The story of Alexander and Catherine from the Murmansk region

Hey. And here is another case - this is about our mutual friends who found a way to get out of unemployment: Alexander and Catherine. This is a young family with three children.

They lived in the Murmansk region, in the city of Apatity. There is a polar night there all winter. They were tormented by the cold climate and difficult living conditions, in the hope of earning money for an apartment in the South. And when the husband lost his job (he worked on a dump truck), then they seriously thought about moving. However, they did not have money for an apartment, it is impossible to take a loan - there is no work.

Alexander went to Sochi. He poked around for a whole year, but he could not get a job in his specialty. Everything was occupied by guest workers there. He returned again to Apatity. He didn’t earn anything, he only squandered part of his previously accumulated money.

As a result, this family decided to move to the village to engage in subsidiary farming. We chose the Belgorod region for moving. At that moment, when apartments in the south of Russia can cost three million rubles, for several hundred thousand they bought a decent house with all amenities and plus 40 hectares of land!

Their house looks like a big old coaching inn. With the money that they had left, they bought another tractor and began to grow everything they could, starting with potatoes, ending with raspberries, strawberries and grapes. But what's the catch? It turns out in Russia if you have your own land on which you grow vegetables and fruits, then they can be sold in local markets.

And what a wonderful climate in the Belgorod region in comparison with the Arctic! In May, warm days begin there. It happens that during the day already +25 degrees. And for the new year, I was completely amazed - we met a holiday when it was +10 degrees outside. Can you imagine ?!

In the first season, they earned almost as much from their harvest as the husband earned during the year in Apatity. And at the same time, they have their own food for a year, so they invested the money they earned in the purchase of several cows. The fact is that in the Belgorod region cars from tanks daily go from dairy plants to villages and buy milk from such farmers. 2-3 cows are enough to earn 20-25 thousand rubles a month.

They have hens, so every day they can treat themselves to scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs. Plus, the wife is engaged in baking, they eat their environmentally friendly bread, buying flour from local flour mills. Speaking of work. When I came to them, they told me that there was a lot of work. Throughout the Belgorod region in rural areas there are a lot of agricultural factories where specialists are constantly required, despite the fact that it is difficult to find work in big cities.

Alexander said that now everyone thinks that you can make money in a big city, but in fact it turns out that unemployment is raging in every big city and when people come to the city, they start spending money on renting housing, looking for work and they don’t find it, the latter savings spend and are left with nothing. And employers are constantly pestering him here and calling on the factory to work.

One came to call the operator at the oil refinery, the other to the poultry controller. They offered a good salary, but since they had already started their farm, which brought them money, he decided not to rush to get there. By the way, in the village where they live only a thousand people, there is a school, a savings bank, a post office, three shops, an administration, and a bus to the city. So the children are attached and all amenities are at hand!