Useful Tips

Blocked Facebook Page

Facebook has conditions for using the site, by disagreeing with which, it is impossible to register (link here at the end of the instruction). Therefore, if you have a Facebook page, it is understood that you have agreed to fulfill these conditions. And I agreed that you can be blocked if you do not fulfill them (maybe you read poorly or simply agreed without reading?). There can be many reasons for blocking an account, because there are many rules too. Some possible options:

  • You posted some materials that violate the terms of Facebook (strangers without the permission of the author, illegal, fraudulent, hostile, offensive, etc.).
  • You have indicated a clearly false name or false information about yourself.
  • You pretended to be another person.
  • You did not have one personal page, but two or more.
  • You used your personal page for commercial purposes (there are company pages for this).
  • You behaved aggressively or abusively.
  • You sent unwanted advertisements, messages, numerous requests to friends or harassed people, threatened them. Even a single complaint is enough to block.

2. Someone hacked your account and violated Facebook rules using your page

In this case, you don’t understand why you could be blocked, because you didn’t violate anything. It turns out that cybercriminals could gain access to your page (hack it) by learning the username and password, and send out unwanted ads on your behalf or do something else. Perhaps your password was stolen by a malicious program or virus, or perhaps you yourself entered the password on a fake site, thinking it was Facebook. This is your fault, because you yourself must take care of security. But Facebook had no choice but to turn off your page.

What to do if a page is blocked? How to unlock?

If you believe that you have not violated any rules (or violated, but deserve to be forgiven), send a request to appeal the lock. The appeal must be sent from the email address that was linked to your Facebook page. Please note that if the violation is serious, the account may not be restored.

Also, with temporary blocking, Facebook may ask you to confirm your identity and send a photo or ID. What to do in this case, see here: Facebook requires an identity card. What to do?

What to do if a new Facebook page is immediately blocked?

Most likely, there is a virus on your computer that steals passwords. Right after that, suspicious activity begins in your account - for example, spam is sent. You may not notice this, but the administration blocks the page anyway. Therefore, you first need to solve the problem at home and deal with viruses.

Another possible reason is that you are breaking Facebook rules, but you don’t understand this. We advise you to read them and follow (link below). If you don’t like them, just don’t use Facebook - nobody forces you.