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Makeup for blue eyes step by step, techniques for avoiding mistakes


Regardless of the hair color of a woman with blue eyes, stylists and makeup artists do not recommend using dark or too contrasting shades in makeup.
Otherwise, there are no restrictions, and this is another unspeakable luck of blue-eyed girls.

Before proceeding with the selection of the palette of shadows, you need to decide what time of day you leave the house. Daily natural makeup for blue eyes for every day involves the use of soft shades, close to neutral, and putting emphasis on either the eyes or the lips.

Let's consider step by step exampleday makeup for blue eyes (with photo), such an easy-to-use express makeup.

  • Preliminary clean your eyelids of any cream residue or simply blot with a tissue to remove sebum. So the shadows will last longer.
  • Apply friable base shadows or a small amount of light corrector for the entire eyelid and blend well. For the base, it is better to use satin or matte shadows, and the most convenient way to apply and distribute is with your fingers.
  • Before you start applying accent shadows, choose not just a palette, but also an eye correction schemeto know exactly where you are going to apply the shadow and what effect you want to achieve. After all, there is a significant difference in makeup for deep-set eyes or for the impending eyelid.
  • For shadows, choose win-win options in a neutral palette: champagne and chocolate brown, silver and brown gray, peach and pale blue or golden green. White mother-of-pearl shadows perfectly shape the heavenly eyes, but you should be careful with them in daytime makeup.
  • Apply accent shadows with a soft but resilient brush. Carefully blend (but do not smear) the dark shadows, erasing the borders of the shades from the place of application of the accent shadow along the fold line of the upper eyelid. The outer corner of the eye is darkened and lifted in almost all makeup options.
  • Type the lightest shadows on the brush from the palette and with soft, impressive movements, go from the inner corner to the darkening zone of the eye along the entire line of the moving eyelid. With the same shadows, create a small highlight under the bend of the eyebrows. Lightly blend everything.
  • Choose an eyeliner in a color matching the color of the shadows., but do not use too dark or black eyeliner. If you use a liquid consistency, select only the inter-ciliary space. You can apply a little powder on top, then the arrows will not spread and “float”. All make-up artists of leading fashion houses have their own eyeliner technique.
  • Apply mascara over the entire lash line. If the eyelashes are light, then the blue mascara will look at them not only beautifully, but enchantingly.

Depending on skin color

The main parameter is skin color. Depends on what saturation shades can be used, creating makeup for blue eyes. For snow white, pastel colors are suitable - these are those that contain a large amount of white. These include beige, delicate gold, pink and peach. Such colors will help to brighten the eyes and not interrupt it with their activity.

Makeup mulattos have absolutely nothing to fear. They can apply colors of any intensity, including bright, clear shades of yellow and red. Due to the natural contrast, they will not be able to interrupt the blue eyes, on the contrary, they will be favorably emphasized.

By hair color

Another feature is hair color. Makeup for blue eyes in blonde and brunette will be significantly different. This is due to the general color type of the girl:

  • muted shades - beige, whitened yellow, unsaturated brown with a cold undertone, are suitable for blond hair for makeup
  • brown-haired women with blue eyes can wear bright gold, deep copper and orange,
  • warm colors look better on red ones: brown, gold, but emerald green, ocher is also good,
  • expressive black smokey with burgundy, red and wine shades are suitable for brunettes with blue eyes.

In addition to hair color, hairstyle is also important. Tight bunches and tails imply an emphasis on the face, which means that the makeup should be bright. Volumetric curls or texture braids can shift attention to themselves, and translucent airy shadows of pastel shades are applied to the eyes.


When choosing colors for blue eye makeup, they are guided by the individual features of the face. The traditional rule is that there can only be one emphasis. If the girl has puffy lips, she should use less bright shades in her eyes. But this opinion is erroneous. Current trends allow focusing immediately on two zones. Therefore, women with sensual lips can wear bright shades and immediately emphasize two of their virtues.

The structural features of the eyes also affect the choice of makeup. Large eyelids allow you to use a large number of shades. Blue-eyed girls are suitable for color-makeup, so there is scope for imagination. The most important thing is not to forget about the compatibility of shades and to observe the smoothness of their transitions into each other.

If the girl has big blue eyes, shifting attention to herself from her face, the black-and-white smoky-aise technique is suitable for her. This will help balance the image by redistributing emphasis, as well as visually narrow the eyelids. In this way, you can create a spectacular, but not overloaded eye makeup.

If the overhang of the upper eyelid is observed, makeup using the smokey-aise technique is also suitable for her. But shades for blue eyes should choose warmer and lighter: brown, saturated beige, copper. This will help switch your attention to the fixed eyelid. And the fold that appeared as a result of overhang will perfectly hide false eyelashes. They can be glued both on the entire eyelid, and only on the outer corner of the eye.

Age-related makeup for blue eyes also has its own characteristics. This is due to natural changes in the face. In this case, it is recommended to choose warm shades, excluding black and gray. Such colors will help to refresh the complexion and hide for several years. And you can refresh the image with the help of shimmer shades of gold, beige and champagne, which are great for blue eyes.

Choice of lipstick, blush and highlighter

Since the lips are located far enough from the eyes, girls with an iris of the color of the sky can use absolutely any shade of lipstick. They need to be selected for the main idea of ​​the image. For daytime makeup, gloss or nude lipsticks are suitable. In the evening, you can choose a shade of Bordeaux, scarlet or wine. The main thing is to ensure that all the shades are combined in warmth, since otherwise the image will look inharmonious.

The choice of blush depends on the color of the skin. Snow white is more suitable for cold shades of pink, tanned girls are peach, and mulattos are light brown. Highlighter also matches the color type and general idea of ​​the image. But best of all, the blue color of the eyes accentuates the golden glow. For a daytime event, it is worth making the shine more delicate, and for the evening choose a large shimmer with distinguishable sparkles. This will allow any girl to stand out from the crowd.

Stages of creating an image under blue eyes

For any type of appearance, the creation of makeup consists of several points. These include:

  1. Skin preparation. To do this, perform cleansing (with micellar water or hydrophilic oil), toning (a tonic suitable for the type of skin), moisturizing (cream, serum or cosmetic oil), applying a suitable base to match the tone.
  2. Toning the face. Application of foundation, spot correction with concealer, the use of powder locally in places with oily sheen (only for oily or combination skin).
  3. Eyebrow Products. They will help to give the desired color, finish the missing hairs and fix the existing ones.
  4. The shadows. For girls with blue eyes, a certain range of shades is suitable for make-up, of which the traditionally neutral dark is applied to the fold of the eyelid, the lightest - to the inner corner, the most saturated - to the outer, average in brightness - for the entire moving area of ​​the eye.
  5. Mascara is selected in accordance with the girl’s hair color, as well as for the desired effect (lengthening, curling, volume, natural).

The most optimal shades are considered to be gold, copper, yellow, shades of orange and red, including classic brown. They will help to brighten the natural eye color. And you can emphasize the depth of green and related tones.

Advice! Smoky-eyed makeup looks good on blue eyes. He helps highlight them. Not only black is suitable for him, but also all shades of brown. As a bright accent, the center of the moving eyelid can be pigmented or shaded with a shimmer.

Casual makeup

In everyday life, it is better to use colors in natural colors. These include beige and its shades, brown (warm and cold) and dusty pink. They are great for blue eyes. They can be applied solo to the entire moving eyelid, or can be combined with each other. The following scheme is considered traditional:

  1. The fold of the eye is obscured by a cold brown with a gray undertone.
  2. A light shade of beige is applied to the entire moving area.
  3. Shimmer white is applied to the inner corner of the eye (it goes under the eyebrow).
  4. From the outside, the eyelid is darkened with brown of any warmth.

Such eye makeup is simple in execution and will make you look fresh and rested even after a sleepless night. At the same time, it is not difficult to transform it into an evening one, if a meeting after work is suddenly outlined. To do this, it is enough to apply a bright pigment or a shimmer / metallized shade of shadows to the center of the eyelid. This will add brightness to the image and will not let go unnoticed.

Holiday makeup

Smokeys are good as holiday makeup for blue eyes. Their creation is more complicated than the standard scheme, but the effect is significantly superior to all other techniques. To create an expressive look you need:

  1. Apply a black pencil to the entire moving eyelid and blend it.
  2. From above, cover the eyes with dark shades of the desired shade (black or brown).
  3. Feather the border with a fixed eyelid, using lighter and warmer shades (burgundy, wine, terracotta, beige, brown).
  4. Bring the mucous membrane of the eye with a pencil.
  5. Put an accent on the upper eyelid with shining shades (gold, bronze, copper).

In this scheme, the most important thing is to shade the boundaries of the transition of one shade into another. This will create the desired haze effect. With this makeup, the eyes will stand out against the background of the overall image.

Modern trend in makeup

Trends dictate new rules. Color makeup is now in fashion. To create it, several bright shades are used at once, which are interconnected via transitional ones. It is very difficult to create, so only a professional can do it. But lovers are able to join the current trend.

To do this, you need to have in stock several colored pencils-kayals. With their help, accents are carefully added without risk of turning your image into too artsy, vulgar or funny. Also dilute daily makeup with bright colors will help colored eyeliners. Many brands have launched them, from the mass market to the luxury and professional segments. They allow you to specifically enhance eye color, while not attracting extra attention to a woman.

Under blue eyes, not all colors of eyeliners and pencils are suitable. The most successful ones include:

These shades will help to beat the natural color of blue eyes and will create a vivid image with minimal effort. Such a simple but effective technique will allow you to stay in trend without constant costs for a professional makeup artist.

Most common mistakes

Our face is harmonious by nature. Therefore, with any external intervention, it can become strange, asymmetrical or look alien. To avoid this, you need to avoid mistakes when creating makeup. The most typical of them include:

  1. The use of related colors. Thus, girls try to emphasize the natural color, but the effect is reversed: close shades of cosmetic products drown out the natural color of the iris, as they are brighter.
  2. Selection of shades without taking into account saturation and warmth. On an opaque appearance, bright spots of shadows often look ridiculous, so they do not emphasize natural beauty, but attract attention.
  3. Unsuitable application technique. On far-set eyes, the glare on the inner corner will only distance them from each other, and the closely located darkened outer part will bring them even closer, therefore standard schemes should always be adapted to the appearance of a particular person.
  4. The choice of shades for makeup without relying on hair color. This introduces disharmony into the overall image, because of which the appearance looks strange and alien, and the color of the eyes can be perceived in a completely different way.

In order not to make typical mistakes, you need to know yourself and your face very well. To do this, it is worth exploring. This is very simple: in the daylight from a window, look at yourself in a clean mirror. Preferably at least 10 minutes. This will help to accurately capture all the nuances of your appearance and understand the color type. Particular attention is paid to several details:

  • skin color (whether capillaries or wreaths are visible, are there redness, age spots, uneven tones),
  • shade of blue eyes (blue, light, with green or yellow),
  • shade of hair (what glare gives in the sun, does it fade in the summer, is it uniform in color),
  • eye position (deep, bulging, close or far set),
  • eyelid sizes (movable and motionless),
  • eye incision
  • guide lines (falling or overhanging eyelid, wide eyes, lowered or raised corners).

These features will help not only in the correct selection of makeup for blue eyes, but also ensure its competent implementation. So it turns out not only to emphasize the obvious advantages of appearance, but also to hide its flaws. This will create an ideal image in which you can go both to work, and to a party with friends or a family celebration, and never go unnoticed.

Pros and cons of bright eyes

As you all have already noticed, I have fair eyes, fair skin and naturally blond hair (which I often dye, but this does not change the essence). In real life, blue-eyed girls with dark skin are rarely found, but owners of fair eyes and dark hair are not uncommon.

Dark hair in combination with fair skin is very beautiful, but there is a risk of showing too pale and inexpressive, therefore, brunettes and brown-haired women will not hurt to tint their eyes.

Pluses of blue eyes:

  • almost all makeup colors are suitable,
  • easy to combine different styles and techniques,
  • just gray or chocolate mascara is enough for everyday makeup
  • rarely found
  • Makeup can achieve a lilac or blue hue.
However, blue eyes have peculiar disadvantages. I can not call it shortcomings, but, in my opinion, such nuances should be taken into account. So cons:
  • light eyes are lost on fair skin
  • dilated vessels are very visible,
  • any redness makes the girl look like a rabbit - he also has red sore eyes,
  • any makeup flaws are very noticeable.
I want to say special about the latter. It is clear that we are all human beings, and we can be mistaken - somewhere the hand trembled, somewhere overdone with the arrows, somewhere the mascara crumbled a little. And it is clear that every girl tries to avoid such situations, and in case of any shortcomings - immediately correct them.

But the fact remains - where dark eyes, dark skin and burning eyelashes hide a slightly smeared eyeliner, and the blue-eyed looks tear-stained. And this means that cosmetics should be of the highest quality - otherwise you will not look too well-groomed.

How to turn cons into pros? In fact, there is nothing complicated about this. For bright eyes to look bright, they need a decent frame. Believe me, persistent dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows does an excellent job of this - the face looks decorated and fresh.

Further, dilated vessels. In everyday life, a cooling gel and a cool mask will save, and if you need to urgently put yourself in order, you can use moisturizing drops or briefly lower your face in cold water and blink well. The vessels will return to normal, the look will become more expressive.

Redness can appear either from fatigue and dryness - any refreshing spray or thermal water (it can gently dry the skin) is suitable, or from allergies - in this situation, it is better to treat the skin.

To make makeup flaws less noticeable (for example, when there is a small mirror, or you need to make up in the car, or when there is simply no time to apply makeup) - choose something light and smoky. It is very difficult to spoil the makeup, which consists of two light shades of eyeshadow and is applied with your fingers.

On every day

Я уверена в том, что дневной макияж для голубых глаз не должен быть слишком насыщенным и тяжелым. Однако, есть некоторые правила, которые следует учитывать:

  • тени с перламутром или шиммером - вечерние,
  • too dark shadows should be either a constant in the image, or used only when you do evening makeup for blue eyes,
  • all kinds of gold and silver eyeliners should be used carefully.
And what do we have in the dry residue? Tools that can be used to make up blue eyes should not be shiny and iridescent (you don’t want to resemble a Christmas tree?), Don’t do too dark makeup and you can not use many shades of metallic. But you can:
  • experiment with matte and satin shades,
  • use baked shades of different shades,
  • wear bright colored eyeliner and mascara,
  • do a cool nude makeup
  • wholeheartedly love the natural tones.
Natural makeup for blondes with blue eyes is performed either in gray or in shades of brown. It depends on the color type - if cold shades prevail in your appearance, then it is better to use cold cosmetics, if warm - then warm tones.

Check out our little blue eye makeup guide, a step-by-step photo:

Gentle makeup for brunettes with blue eyes

The combination of light eyes and dark hair always looks attractive and creates the image of Snow White or the Winter Fairy. The task of makeup is to smooth the contrast, but at the same time make the eyes even brighter. The dark color of the hair allows any experimentation with the color of makeup, but it is better to choose decorative cosmetics in the tone of clothes, as well as depending on skin tone.

Pay attention to pearlescent shades of lilac or beige, if you have white skin. Girls with creamy or yellowish skin tones are better off staying on peach or pale pink shadows. NUDE palettes with a palette in warm pinkish-brown colors are on sale.

Make experiments with several shades will help even brighter. Mix, apply shadows of different saturation, but do not get carried away with too dark shadows, even in the evening.

Choose eyeliner in blue or brown, black is better to refuse. For an evening or a ceremonial exit, you can choose a golden brown or silver eyeliner. Black mascara looks spectacular in contrast with bright eyes. Apply it in several layers along the entire eyelash line.

Makeup for brunettes should be less brightthan for fair-haired girls, since contrast is already present in the combination of hair and eyes.

If your eyes are a mysterious dark blue, makeup options for dark eyes and dark hair might be right for you.

Smokey Ice Makeup for Blue Eyes and Light Brown Hair

  • Apply on the upper eyelid light pearlescent shades and blend well from the middle to the edges.
  • To create the effect of smoky eyes, you need to use a special thick and soft pencil with a brush for blending. Underline with a pencil the ciliary row and slightly raise the outer corner of the eye. Shade the lower eyelid only at the outer edge of the eye and blend everything thoroughly.
  • Apply dark shadows to the crease of the eyelid from edge to middle distribute them carefullyperforming some loop.
  • Light pencil shade the inner line of the eye.
  • Apply dark mascara to the entire lash line of the upper eyelid.
  • With such a bright eye makeup, it is enough to apply on the lips only colorless shine.

Other tricks and application techniques can be found in makeup for fair eyes and fair hair.

Beautiful romantic makeup for blue eyes

Who, if not blue-eyed girls, endowed with a halo of romance. And if in makeup for brown eyes they try to emphasize the passion of nature, then blue-eyed girls are associated with romantic natures. Especially often, stylists use techniques to create a romantic look in wedding makeup for blue eyes.

The most suitable color for such a make-up is all shades of blue, close in the palette to ultramarine or deep blue. Blue shades, blue eyeliner or mascara, with which a bright image will be not only romantic, but also memorable.

If you prefer cold tones, then you should choose gray, silver or violet shades. The most daring natures can experiment with a bright pink color, but it can be used if you have a warm shade of skin and hair.

If you are completely fair-skinned blonde, then you should be careful with the shades of blue, as they can give the look the effect of sad eyes, especially if you plan to make-up without using eyeliner.

Suitable for creating a romantic look is a light make-up for gray-blue eyes.

Evening makeup for blue eyes

Brunettes with blue eyes makeup in a less contrasting range is suitable than for blondes, and which color of the palette to choose depends on several factors. It is these parameters that determine the intensity of the selected color for future makeup:

  • when choosing a color scheme first of all, take into account skin tone, secondly, hair color,
  • for the party pick up the color of the make-up also for the color of the outfit.

Do not recommend using too dark shadows, as well as a contrasting combination of light shadows and dark eyeliner.

Girls who have some makeup skills can use more than three shades and complex shading. Special a skillful combination of different shades of blue is considered to be chic - from light to saturated.

The active use of glitter, glitter, sparkles is appropriate, and of course, rarely does anyone do without false eyelashes. The arrows can be drawn more visible, clearly beyond the borders of the eyes, or you can decorate them with small rhinestones.

For a club party virtually no prohibitions. Any options and combinations in Smokey Ice makeup or bright acid shadows and unbelievable eyelashes. Blondes can try on doll images (a la Barbie).

Easy everyday makeup for a girl with blond eyes and blond hair. A light palette of shadows and a simple blending technique are underlined by a thin, neat arrow.

An example of nude everyday makeup for a girl with heavenly eyes and dark blond hair color. The author of the video tells in detail about all the materials that he uses in makeup, and shows how to apply it.

The author of the video is the owner of cornflower eyes and blond hair in the Scandinavian blond style. Sophisticated but catchy and beautiful makeup for an evening out helps to turn a girl into a real winter beauty.

Makeup artist demonstrates the technique of applying shadows to create such popular smokey ice makeup. Model - a girl with blond eyes and blond hair as she works asks questions, the answers to which will help to master the technique faster.

Gallery of images created specially for weddings. Light romantic images perfectly emphasize the beauty of the eyes, and the application technique helps to create the most profitable combinations of shades.