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How to distinguish a fake from the original? Ways and Tips


Counterfeit products are increasingly found all over the world. And in Russia, people are not always aware of what they are buying, taking fakes as originals. Today we will figure out how to distinguish real products. Indeed, almost everything is faked - from clothing to technology. Often, paying attention to the simple features of the product, we can say that in front of the buyer.

Where is it found?

Thinking about how to distinguish a fake from the original, everyone should understand where you can meet with similar products. It is sold almost everywhere.

Most often, fakes are found in online stores (especially in Chinese), as well as in small retail chains. Unfortunately, even large and well-known stores often sell fakes. In markets and bazaars, they also have a place.

To purchase the original of a product, you have to buy it only in company stores. There are no fakes in them. The problem is that it is not always possible to contact the official store. And so you have to think about making a purchase in ordinary retail chains. This must be done carefully.

How to distinguish a fake from the original? Each product category has its own secrets and recommendations. But there are common features of fake products.

First, pay attention to the packaging. Original products are packaged in factories. Therefore, cellophane on boxes with goods will fit snugly on the packaging.

Are bumps visible? Bubbles? Is there no packaging at all? Then the buyer is surely fake products. The exception is goods such as clothing and shoes. She is usually packaged after trying on. Therefore, with this product everything is much more complicated.

How to distinguish a fake from the original? If the buyer saw the products in neat packaging, do not rush to buy them. You will have to carefully consider the seams on cellophane.

The thing is that the originals are even and neat. They are not too big. Ideally, the seams should not be more than 5 millimeters. If they are wide and sloppy, we have a fake.

But this is only the beginning. As practice shows, not everyone can see the differences between the original product and the fake one. We have to check every little thing.

How to distinguish a fake from the original? For example, you can carefully consider the box with the products. For original products, it is made of high quality cardboard. In addition, logos and labels look neat. Often about fakes says information about the manufacturer and barcodes.

The following advice will only help extremely attentive people. Some are able to visually distinguish originals from fakes. This opportunity extends to everything from clothing to technology.

If you carefully examine the product and feel it, the difference between the original and its fake counterpart will be immediately noticeable. The first are made only from quality materials. Fakes are cheap counterparts that aren’t too much spent. Materials used in their production are inexpensive, quality is poor.

If we are talking about clothes and shoes, it is enough to consider the threads with which the products are sewn. In fakes, they can stick out, tear, look flimsy and unreliable. For branded clothes and shoes, all seams are not only smooth, but also dense. They look reliable and of high quality. There is no feeling that during the first wash or in the rain the goods will go to the seams.

How to distinguish a fake from the original? The following recommendation applies mainly to clothing. It is faked most often. But for the rest of the products, you can apply the recommendation.

It is about paying attention to the color of the goods. Real products look natural. The color scheme is even.

In the case of clothes (especially from the top), you can do this - thoroughly wet the goods and pass them by hand. Is there any paint left? Then it's fake! Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to carry out such a check in a store.

How to distinguish an original JBL Charge from a fake? You can look at the price. This rule applies not only to equipment, but also to clothing.

The thing is that often fake goods are sold much cheaper than the originals. But now more and more often studied product categories have the same value.

Suspiciously low price for a seemingly branded product? It is better to ask the seller what is the matter. It is possible that before the buyer the original, but with some kind of marriage. Unfortunately, most often low cost indicates a fake.

Now consider specific products. How to distinguish a fake perfume from the original? It is enough to carefully consider the products.

So, the originals of perfumes:

  • there is a sign on the box: “environmentally friendly packaging material” is always located so that the black arrow is on top,
  • the bottle is firmly in the box, does not crawl and does not fall out,
  • product design looks original, neat and tidy,
  • the color of the liquid is most often light, without many dyes and other chemicals,
  • the cover has full symmetry, without displacement,
  • the batch number is printed directly on the box,
  • The bottle has a neat shape and the same thickness on all sides.

If the chosen perfume does not comply with the listed principles, we have a fake. You can immediately check the data on the box with the products on the official website of the manufacturer. Any discrepancy indicates a fake.

Buyers often complain that they buy fake phones and tablets. How to avoid cheating?

It all depends on the manufacturer of the product. Each has its own secrets and recommendations. How to distinguish the original Samsung from a fake?

You can use the following tips:

  1. Dial * # 7353 # on your phone or tablet and “ring” it. A menu will appear on the screen with different tests of device functions. For fakes, it is usually absent.
  2. Call on * # 06 #. The display will show IMEI. It must match the corresponding combination on the box.
  3. Go to the Samsung website and enter the IMEI received in advance. A similar technique works with new devices. If the device is older than the Samsung Galaxy S7, such authentication does not take place.
  4. The original “Samsung” is made better. In addition, they are heavier than fakes. The device case must not have flaws or loose parts.

How to distinguish the original JBL Charge 3 from a fake? Strange as it may seem, the speakers are also faked. And this happens quite often. Similar goods are given as originals and sold at high prices.

How to distinguish the original JBL from a fake? For example, according to the following principles:

  • fake speakers have a smaller control panel than the originals,
  • the originals are distinguished by a small hub with connectors,
  • fakes allow you to work with a microSD card.

Of course, music lovers can quickly distinguish fake speakers from the original ones. It is enough for them to hear the sound of technology. The originals are distinguished by a smooth and loud sound that does not break and does not hiss even with its significant increase.

Perhaps this is all. Sound proofing is often applied to any technique. For example, to phones or tablets. But not everyone can use it successfully. People without sensitive hearing will not distinguish original products from fakes. For them, the sound in all devices is the same. Especially when you consider the fact that they try to make fakes so that with a significant increase in sound, they do not make noise.

Sneakers New Balance

Now let's look at ways to check branded sneakers. For example, New Balance. How to distinguish an original from a fake?

As already mentioned, you need to carefully look at the product. Brand shoes have no external flaws. But there is another interesting approach to solving the problem. It is suitable for both home and for checking directly in the store.

For this we need ultraviolet. With this light, you need to illuminate the sticker on the inside of the tongue of the sneakers. For genuine products, the manufacturer's brand name appears on it. This is the letter "B". If not, the person bought a fake.

The more expensive the equipment, the more often they try to fake it. Today, the leaders in this area are phones and tablets. Every day, companies fake Apple products. After all, such a product is distinguished by its price and quality.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake? Experienced users will already be able to cope with the task. But, as a rule, this does not happen often. Therefore, we will consider simpler methods for determining the original of Apple products.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake? It is worth paying attention to the following features:

  • the original device is packed in thick cardboard,
  • the iPhone image is pushed out on the front of the box,
  • at the bottom of the package there is a sticker with IMEI and the serial number of the device,
  • the complete set of this "apple" phone consists of headphones, a charger, a cable for connecting to a PC, a clip for a SIM card,
  • the details of this iPhone fit snugly together
  • if you open the AppStore, then the fakes will launch Google Play,
  • by connecting the device to iTunes, you can see the relevant information about the device.

Of course, if a person is thinking about authenticating the iPhone, he can go to the official Apple page and enter the verification code there. Fake products do not pass such a check.

A little more about the "apples"

How to distinguish the original iPhone 6 from a fake? There are a number of features to which you should pay attention.

The following items issue a fake:

  • removable battery
  • the ability to easily remove the back cover of the device,
  • multi SIM support,
  • microUSB connector,
  • slot for connecting memory cards.

All this helps to distinguish a branded "apple" device from a fake one. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems. Enough to be careful before buying. And if you immediately check IMEI and serial numbers of equipment, then branded products can be recognized in a few minutes.

Reassembled iPhones

It's no secret that Apple has launched a re-release of its devices using old parts. Such devices receive the status of "restored" or "like new." They are sold cheaper than the original iPhone. In quality, such devices are not inferior to completely new phones.

Unfortunately, such products are also faked. Stores themselves reassemble iPhones, passing them off as restored ones. Thus, a person runs the risk of acquiring a fake.

How to recognize a restored Apple iPhone? The following symptoms will help:

  • complete equipment of the device,
  • there is no phone image on the box with the restored device,
  • on the packaging you can see a small inscription "restored",
  • check IMEI and serial numbers - they are completely new for reassembled iPhones,
  • check the warranty using the official Apple website - refurbished devices have it for a year,
  • all connectors are clean,
  • the screen is flat, it fits snugly against the phone’s panel,
  • the camera lens is located exactly in the center of the designated area on the back of the device.

That's all. Now it’s clear how to distinguish certain originals from fakes. If you pay attention, then everything will not be so difficult.