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How to write a press release: an example, tips and secrets


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Start your press release with a catchy headline in bold. Start the main text with the date and city where the press release will be issued. First, it’s a key one, the proposal should summarize the subject of the release. In the rest of the text, it is important to reflect all the important details of the message: who, what, when, where, why and how. First, state the most important points, then provide general information, and at the end, do not forget to specify contacts.

What will be discussed

A press release is an informational message to the media about the company, its events, news, plans or changes. The purpose of such a text is to arouse the interest of journalists and encourage them to write an article or make a video about the company.

It is the presence of such a frankly advertising goal that allows us to rank press releases as selling texts. The task of the copywriter who is working on it is to present an informational occasion so that the journalist grabs hold of him and writes the necessary article in his media.

If you happen to work as a copywriter or PR manager in some serious company, writing press releases will be one of the most frequent assignments. Large and not very businessmen are well aware of the powerful potential of the media. If we compare the effect of advertising in a newspaper with a report or a note about a company in it, it is clear that the second will give more profit.

What a good press release looks like

The requirements for the design of this type of text are somewhat different.

  1. Volume. It would be nice to observe a volume of one to three pages of text.
  2. Formatting Here, the rules of perception of the text also work, which means that there should be paragraphs, subheadings, lists.
  3. Letterhead. It is customary to send releases on company letterheads. Sometimes, together with them, as additional information send out brochures.
  4. Video. In recent years, a new format of press releases has appeared - a video or presentation.

Samples of real press releases can be found on business information portals such as or Businessmen of various levels use them to find partners and regular customers. And this means that for promotion on these resources they need an interesting text compiled in accordance with all the rules.

A few mailing tricks

  • Send ready letters with releases at the beginning of the week and in the morning. This will increase the chances of publishing. Usually, by the end of the week, the media has already accumulated a lot of reasons for articles, and by the beginning of the new week, your news may become outdated.
  • Such letters should be sent only to targeted newspapers and magazines.
  • Choose a section by company to post text on the business portal for releases.

And now I propose to consider the following TK for training, in order to understand in practice what a press release is.

Since we now know how to write such articles, we could respond to this order. But before you do this, let's carefully study the requirements.

  • The volume of the text in 1000 characters will not allow us to convey a lot of information. And one of the requirements for press releases is the maximum possible information about the company and the product.
  • The customer needs text for the online store, but we know that press releases are for media and information portals. So, most likely, the selling description of the factory is more suitable.
  • Price for work - 50 p. acceptable for a little marketing description. But a quality release is an individual work, the cost of which amounts to hundreds of rubles.

Do not rush to add such work to your portfolio under the guise of a press release so as not to spoil your reputation. If you want to work on this type of text, then you should get into the team of copywriters of a company or corporation. By the way, periodically on freelance exchanges such as, you can find such vacancies. This practice will help to gain valuable experience. You can successfully rebuild from fellow copywriters by making the writing of press releases your company service.

Press releases occupy a separate position in the hierarchy of copywriting skills. They are rarely placed on popular exchanges such as Advego or Etxt, so many web authors have no idea about them. Nevertheless, this is one of the types of selling texts, so every self-respecting copywriter should know the rules for writing it.

I emphasize that such specialists are always and everywhere welcome. Pavel Yamb was with you. See you again.

What is a press release?

Press release - This is an informational message covering a particular occasion. As a rule, this message is written for journalists or editors of periodicals and is not of an advertising nature. Very often the customer asks: write me an advertising press release. Based on the definition, this is nonsense.

Who the press release is written for

Historically, press releases were to be written for print journalists - newspapers and magazines. This was especially true about twenty years ago, when the press literally ruled the world. Now, the influence of the print media has significantly decreased, and if before PR managers went out of their way to catch a press release on journalists, then with the development of information technology and total globalization, this has become a useless, useless task. Now press releases are written directly for the target audience and in skilled hands are a very powerful weapon to conquer the masses.

Suitable events

A press release is not written to advertise your own company, but to talk about an important event that will certainly attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, its goals may be:

  • a story about the company's new program,
  • introduction of innovative products and services to the market,
  • records
  • solemn events
  • cultural events
  • conducting charity programs.

A press release can be written about any current event, and often this significance is attracted to the ears, using special techniques.

Subsequently, the material may be published in full or only in a fragment. Journalists take quotes from it when preparing large articles. It may not be published at all, but serve as a source of information to the media.

Principles of success

The news should be interesting, tied to current events. The media selects relevant information.

Add supporting materials. For example, contact information: telephones, electronic mailboxes, addresses. Photos and videos are welcome. Figures from statistics that will inform people about the current situation are perfect.

Check that there is a development in your article. Dynamic news catches the eye of the reader and leads him to the last lines. Use for this place and descriptions of actions.

A press release should cover one piece of news. Focus on an important event and do not try to cover several events by sticking them together in one review.

By the same principle: one paragraph - one thought. We write the most important thing at the beginning, everything else - in descending order of importance by the end. It will be easier for editors to take paragraphs with a clear-cut thought and change their places or remove them altogether. So he can make a more attractive text by trimming the last paragraphs with minor details.

The events described must be novel. Something happened for the first time, and this is of interest. But indicate the exact dates when covering the circumstances or omit them altogether. Inaccuracy does not inspire confidence in the audience.

Press release structure

Press releases are written in a specific pattern. They contain:

  • The date of the event.
  • Catchy headline.
  • Informative announcement.
  • Location.
  • The reason for the event.
  • The relevance of the event.
  • The main text of the news.
  • First person comment.
  • Brief information about the company.
  • Information on the subject.
  • Links to photos and videos.
  • Contact information.

Consider the main elements in more detail.


In addition to the classic questions of what, where and when, you need to answer after the story and the question "So what?". The more successful the answer, the more likely it is to pass the editor’s test. It is necessary not to use template phrases about great importance or relevance, but to describe the position informatively and reasonably.

The title should contain the main message. It is advisable to use the present tense verb.
Abstract names from which it is impossible to understand what the message is about are not suitable. Such techniques include proverbs, clever phrases, cliches and other wise sayings that are not relevant to the essence.

Good press release headline:

  • Yandex has removed the content of Gazprom Media.
  • Seven stations of the Solntsevskaya metro line were opened in Moscow.
  • The chapters of Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet are called to the US Senate.

  • Brand promotion on Instagram.
  • Dreams came true.
  • Life does not give excessive tests.

The name of the company in the name is better not to endure. Editors are vigilantly watching ads and looking for it even between the lines. If the work is taken for publication, then all the moments with a mention can be cut out. However, this is not the rule. The exceptions are reputable companies, the names of which everyone knows.

Lead is the main paragraph of the entire release. The first after the heading is marked with a special font and performs two opposite functions: it gives all the comprehensive information and at the same time interests the reader to read the text to the last lines. Not everyone reads articles from and to, so it is important to put the essence in the headline and in the lead. Dessert is served first, and then the second and first, at the request of the reader.

The lead can be actual: it answers the questions of what, where, when. What happened, at what time and in what place. Usually contains one fact. Alternatively, it may contain a commentary by the actors. Or take stock. Or intrigue the reader by comparing amazing facts.

It is built on the principle of an inverted pyramid. The most important thing is at the beginning. No need to prepare the reader, as they usually teach us to do. Now there is an active struggle for attention, and you need to cling to it from the first lines, otherwise it will go to another material. For example, according to the rules of journalism, the backstory is written after the main story, in the middle or at the end. Reception is used to present the main thing immediately.

What the headline said or the lead is not repeated at all or spelled in other words. The main text contains details for the most curious readers who remained after the lead.

It is better to balance direct and indirect speech: give bright statements in an exact form, and convey the rest in your own words. In this case, it is better for people to mention the name and surname in the format, and the title is permissible only by surname.

Information about the company

Information about the company should be small and contain all the important information. No need to reload it with unnecessary details, otherwise they will outweigh the entire press release.
You can edit it with a font size to achieve a visual reduction in size against the rest of the text.

Contact details are left so that the editor can contact the author of the press release and ask questions, clarify any details.

The release date is also indicated in the release. It can be attached from the top to the heading or from the bottom after help and contact information.

Press Release

A press release should not take up a lot of space. Its maximum volume should fit into the framework of 2500 characters without spaces (approximately one and a half page A4), given the fact that the editors will remove something. Recommended size is one page.

Headings must be capitalized and follow the rules of the Russian language. No big letters from Caps Lock: editors redo the headings for a sample for further typesetting, and they will reprint unsuitable ones. And not the fact that there will be no errors in names. To highlight against the general background, bold or bold type is used.

Paragraphs are necessarily highlighted in red. It is permissible not to mark the title, subheading and overhead. Visually, the red line separates the text and does not frighten the reader with a large volume.
Paragraphs should be no more than 6 sentences long. So that the text does not look monotonous, they can be written in different lengths and alternated.

The text should have a standard digital dash “-”, and not a short hyphen “-”. Quotation marks are used by Christmas trees "", not "". In addition, it is necessary to clear the text of extra spaces. It shows the culture of the author.

Before entering abbreviations, you need to give a full decryption, and in parentheses indicate an abbreviated version and only then use the abbreviation. But remember: a pile of abbreviations impairs the readability of the text. Alternating abbreviations with synonyms, pronouns and full decipherments help to avoid this problem.

The final work should be sent in text format, regardless of which program was used. It is unacceptable to send files with a picture: no one will interrupt the text in your place.

Be sure to include a date.
Correctly designed text will give your work professionalism.

The examples given illustrate how the press release is written. The advantages of these works:

  • catchy, short, informative headline,
  • already from the introductory part you can find out the news,
  • a qualitative description of the actors,
  • conclusion with contacts or mentioning companies.

If you write yourself, then read a couple of examples and delve into the basic rules. This will make it easier to understand what is required of you.

Features of modern press releases

When writing a press release for the media, you can give information as you like (dry, concise, officially, etc.), relying on the fact that journalists themselves will make the texts for their publications interesting and readable. However, now that press releases are written for consumers, this approach has shown very low efficiency. The explanation is simple: every day on the Internet there is already a lot of information. People just don’t have time for another boring reading.

The secret to writing a killer press release

In fact, the “secret” is very loudly said. Just in order for the press release to have the proper effect, you need to write it not according to the rules and canons of the classical approach of twenty years ago, but as a selling text that emphasizes the problem and offers its solution to the target audience.

The main difference is only that the structure may not fully correspond to the AIDA model, but, nevertheless, cling to the reader's attention and cause him keen interest. The main rule in this case remains: a cool headline - 90% success.

Press Release Example

Suppose there is a fictitious company, for example, Shard-Toys, which launched a new toy on the market - the Mimik robot, which can learn and adapt to the character and temperament of the child, becoming his best friend.

On the one hand, one could just lay out the bare facts, but this is not interesting. Instead, you can beat the press release beautifully. At the same time, do not forget who you are writing for. If these are retailers, then the emphasis will be on some values, and if parents - then on completely different ones.

Here, for example, what a press release for parents might look like:

NEW! Perfect baby friend with 99.9% compatibility

Practice shows that in 40% of cases it is difficult for a child to please with a toy, since each child has a unique combination of character and temperament. However, Shard-Toys was able to develop a new format of intellectual toys that are successful in 99.9% of children, regardless of gender, nationality or religion.

The thing is that most parents buy toys, trying them on "for themselves" or guided by generally accepted stereotypes: for a boy - a typewriter, for a girl - a doll, without completely considering what the child himself wants.

An innovative development from the Shard-Toys company is the Mimik robot, which, with an accuracy of tenths of a percent, analyzes the character and temperament of the child and reacts to its effect in the most optimal way, bringing maximum positive emotions. In addition, this robot has a built-in intelligent system that is able to learn. Thus, the robot develops together with the child and remains his best friend for many years.

Moreover, the Mimik robot constantly monitors the baby’s pulse, temperature and other biological parameters, and if they change, sends a signal to the parents on their cell phone, becoming not only a toy, but also a portable diagnostic system, guaranteeing parents an additional degree of protection for their baby.

Here is how the director of the Shard-Toys concern, Daniil Shardakov, commented on the release of the new toy:

The credo of our company is not only to bring joy to children, but also to contribute to their development in the most effective way. Современные ритмы жизни делают многих родителей занятыми, ограничивая их общение с детьми.Of course, nothing can replace parental attention, but many things children will learn through games, and our goal is to make these games as effective as possible so that they do not replace the attention of parents, but complement it, allowing the child to develop and make him happy. The Mimik robot is another step in this direction.

Mimics by special promotional offers are available in the company stores of the Shard-Toys concern.

If you distribute your press release on the Web and have the opportunity to insert a hyperlink to promotional materials, this will improve your work efficiency at times.

The main thing is to remember that any press release is not only a way to announce something, but also an effective means of detuning from competitors, which you can and should use.