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Drink Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla 250ml


With so many drinks that are delicious, it can be difficult to choose the best Starbucks drinks, but I can help! I have 13 of the best Starbucks drinks you will enjoy thoroughly! Whether you like coffee, tea, cold, or hot drinks these secret menus will definitely quench your thirst and keep you back for more! I know that I am guilty of this!


This delicious drink is one of the best Starbucks drinks to enjoy! Half lemonade, half iced tea, sort of like Arnold Palmer with a fruity, tropical twist! Made with half passion tea and lemonade half hibiscus, the floral aroma of tea will certainly make your knees weak! This drink is perfect if your order is sweetened and shocked! Give it a try!


Ice caramel macchiato is perfect for lovers of strong coffee! This stone has espresso shots! I order this drink when I need to wake up! I order this tall, icy caramel macchiato, extra caramel, layered. In English, this means regular, tall coffee with extra caramel sauce. I could just say that this way, but, in barista jargon is otherwise easier! My husband orders this venti, icy caramel macchiato, upside down, light on ice, with extra caramel! Took me a while to decipher that one !,]


If you like cereals, you will love this drink! This drink is made like strawberries and frappuccino cream and a shot of caramel, two shots of iris, one shot of hazelnuts and two tablespoons of chocolate are added to create this cereal mix! He definitely lives up to his name!

Yes, for my beloved Nutella, this drink will certainly please you! To order this drink with a secret menu, this is a Misto cafe with a shot or two of chocolate, hazelnuts and a drop of caramel! This is a beautiful combination of tastes like a delicious spread! You cannot have only one of these either!

5. FRAPPUCCINO vanilla with CARAMEL and chocolate

Ah, for my lovers of no coffee, this drink is for you! The vanilla flavor of frappuccino is the same as vanilla ice cream and I wanted a layer with caramel, which makes it taste like vanilla ice cream with caramel! Don't like caramel? Do not worry, try it with chocolate instead! Super delicious and great for kids as well!

6. strawberry lemonade

Want something refreshing, but not in the mood for coffee or tea? Try strawberry lemonade! This is strawberry lemonade slush that will not leave you disappointed! This creation is made with tazo black iced tea combined with fresh lemonade and strawberry syrup mixed with ice, or you can ask it on ice!

7. dirty tea

Next time you pick up latte tea, whether its hot or cold, make it dirty! It is right! Order dirty! Ask for an espresso shot to fit in for this extra punch. Not dirty enough? Take two shots instead! Just taste great tea, with extra p'zaz!

13. hazelnut hot chocolate

Finally, if you do not like coffee, hot chocolate can be a good alternative - with a hazelnut shot! This delicious mix is ​​so good and so easy to order!

Starbucks is perfect for all types of weather, great for coffee, tea and frappuccino lovers! These 13 best Starbucks drinks to enjoy are definitely a treat! Do you have any favorite Starbucks drinks? Have you tried anything from their secret menu that you would like to share? Or the ones that tickled your taste buds? Let me know!
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Ready-to-drink coffee drink.

I think that this is a great solution - the legendary coffee, in packaged containers.

Glass decomposes for a long time in nature, but there is no better container for drinks.

You can enjoy and quench your thirst anywhere on the map.

The drink is sold, estessna, in branded coffee houses, but also in online stores.

There are coffee shops everywhere, and online stores will take you anywhere - isn’t this a delight.

Plus shopping at a coffee shop - the drink will be hot.

But the glass is excellent, durable .. we went camping and took a few bottles with us, warmed up in a ladle at the stake, and it was the most delicious coffee, with smoke.

It also holds, long enough, warm. Not like in a thermos. But here is not double glass.

The packaging is comfortable and pleasant. Easy to open, no help, click .. and can be enjoyed.

The design is simple but nice. The color scheme is selected in the color of coffee and its components.

Although the manufacturer believes that the drink is better to drink chilled. I’m not a coffee soul nirazu, but it was a hot drink that I liked.

But I understand that to offer to drink hot is to offer unnecessary troubles.

And you won’t warm it up somewhere in the park on the bench.

There is a packing for 250 mm., But there is such a packaging that the drink itself is not visible, but in this container is visible. Somehow the choice was made by itself.

Jar 405 mm. Just right. My favorite mug, from which I drink everything to the bottom, with a capacity of 500 mm. Although in my eye - in a bottle even more than 405 mm. Well, we’re better

What is frappuccino and why not cappuccino?

Frappe, like cappuccino, is cooked everywhere, and it seems that the idea of ​​their recipe is ancient.

But frappuccino is a Starbucks chip.

Varieties of arabica, selected milk, vanilla.

There is even a patent.

Vanilla frappuccino: to make vanilla frappuccino, you need 2 tsp. mix coffee with 150 ml of water, boil it in a Turk, strain and cool.

4 ice cubes are crushed, poured into a blender, 150 ml of milk, 3-5 tablespoons of vanilla syrup and 1 tsp are added. Sahara.

All ingredients are beaten for 3-5 minutes until a dense foam forms. The resulting mixture is poured into a glass and decorated on top with chocolate chips.

The bottle is not the same. The cooking technology is the same and the same, but the composition varies, and all because it is one thing to cook, to drink right there, another thing is when they cook to sell later and increase the shelf life and shelf life of the drink.

Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla is delicious. Too sweet and strong for me, I’m not used to either of this. Friends who also drank it said that it was neither sweet nor strong.

Believe me

Vanilla perfectly complements and sets off the creamy coffee flavor.

Not cloying. No chemical notes.

At home, I also added a cap of whipped cream to coffee. Delicious!

The photo with the composition disappeared, but I managed to rewrite it:

semi-skim milk 75%, Starbucks coffee (water, coffee extract) 18.5%, sugar 6%, vanilla extract, natural flavor, acidity regulator: potassium carbonate

High caffeine content - 25 mg. on 100 gr.

Well I say: believe me!

It is a decent drink, but a little expensive for regions where there is no starbucks.

I recommend, and myself, maybe somehow I order a cup of fragrant frappuccino.

Mocha "Tuxedo"

An interesting word in the name of this drink (taksedo) means nothing more than a tuxedo! Oh yes, the recipe.

We order from the barista a regular-pre-mocha moka from the menu and ask to make it with half white and half black chocolate. This recipe is also known as Mocha Zebra. Simple and elegant.

Recipes, of course, are simple, they can be very easy to make at home, and even easier - ask to do something from the above barista in the Starbucks cafe network :)

Of course, not everyone can afford to try something from every day. secretmenu that is why we offer you original thermo glassesStarbucks from foreign rulers: they provide an opportunity to get 10% discount on all drinks from the Starbucks Coffee menu at any coffee shop . And also, they are really beautiful. A bargain, isn't it?