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Rectal thermometer


Surely every person is familiar with a thermometer. This device is used to measure body temperature. If before the choice of such accessories was small, now the manufacturer offers to purchase a wide variety of devices. The most popular are mercury thermometers. However, they are quite dangerous. Recently, people increasingly prefer electronic equipment. This article will tell you about rectal thermometers. You will learn how to choose such a device correctly. We will also consider how rectal measurement of body temperature is made.

Instrument usage

Rectal thermometers are designed to monitor the state of the human body. The device shows the temperature in the anus. It is worth noting that the indicators of these values ​​are always slightly higher than when measured in the armpit or in the mouth.

Rectal thermometers are often used by women. They allow you to track the state of reproductive function and indirectly indicate the level of hormones in different phases of the cycle. In children, such a measurement is advisable only at rest.

Rectal thermometers are inserted into the anus approximately 3-5 centimeters. It is preferable to use any kind of lubricant. A lubricant or a regular baby cream can act as a softener. After a certain time, the device is removed and its indicator is evaluated. After use, carefully wipe the tip with an antibacterial wipe.

Device description

Rectal thermometers most often have an electronic display. It is on it that the indication of your temperature is displayed. Also, the devices are equipped with a warning system. This is necessary for ease of use. Otherwise, you will have to remove the thermometer after a certain time and, if necessary, reintroduce it into the intestine.

The tip of such a device is made of waterproof and harmless material. Most often it is rubber or silicone. The digital rectal thermometer is equipped with a button that starts its operation. The same system turns off the device.

How to choose the right device?

If you need a rectal thermometer, then you should not use a conventional mercury thermometer in order to save. Otherwise, you may face a dangerous problem: the device will simply burst in your intestines. For such a temperature measurement, you must select the appropriate device. Please note that:

  • The rectal thermometer must have an unbreakable tip.
  • The device has the ability to bend.
  • The device should have an indicator showing body temperature.
  • The power button must be wide and comfortable.
  • Welcome backlight scoreboard.

Before use, be sure to study the instructions.

The average price category of such thermometers is in the range from 150 to 2000 rubles. When buying a device, pay attention to its name. It should indicate that this thermometer is suitable for rectal use. Otherwise, the device may have a large error.


You now know what a rectal thermometer is, how to choose it. Measurements need only be at rest. Remember that this device cannot then be used for vaginal or oral diagnosis. A rectal thermometer should be an individual item and should not be used by other family members.

Why measure basal temperature?

The temperature of a human body at rest is called basal. It is customary to measure it in the armpit or rectum.

Basal temperature readings are extremely important for women who have trouble conceiving. We are talking primarily about endocrine infertility and other problems. Information about changes in rectal temperature helps in developing an effective infertility treatment plan. This is due to the fact that during the menstrual cycle, its indicators change. Deviation of the parameters from the norm in one direction or another gives reason to believe that a failure occurred at some stage. Observation of changes over several cycles allows us to judge the functioning of the female reproductive system.

Measurement of rectal temperature is carried out not only in women planning a pregnancy, but also in men and children. Indications for examination:

  • inflammation of the skin in the armpits,
  • hypothermia
  • pathological processes in the rectum,
  • exhaustion of the body.

With this method of measuring body temperature, it is important to consider that in the rectum, the indicator is 1 degree higher than in the armpits.

Choose a thermometer

The device with which the temperature in the rectum is measured must have a thin short tip. For these purposes, conventional mercury or electronic thermometers are suitable. In practice, mercury thermometers are most often used.

  1. Universality. With their help, you can measure body temperature in various areas, including in the oral cavity.
  2. Ease of use. Using the device does not require special knowledge.
  3. Credibility. They have a minimum error, as a rule, not affecting the final result.
  4. Availability. Sold in any pharmacy and have a low cost.

The main disadvantages are:

  • fragility of the product in combination with the use of mercury, hazardous to health,
  • long wait for the result.

Electronic thermometers provide information much faster, notifying the completion of the process with an audio signal. Often they are sold complete with interchangeable caps, which can be sterilized after measuring rectal temperature.

  1. Security. Damage to the thermometer does not pose a health hazard.
  2. Universality in application. Suitable for measuring the temperature in the rectum in infants.
  3. Getting the result in a maximum of 3 minutes (an exception is the axillary region - in it the thermometer must be held longer - up to 10 minutes, despite the signal sounded).
  4. Optimal cost.

The main disadvantage of an electronic thermometer is its inaccuracy.

There are also special electronic rectal thermometers. They are also universal in application and have many advantages:

  1. Ease of use. The special thin tip does not cause discomfort.
  2. The completion of the process is accompanied by a sound signal.
  3. Safety: the electronic device does not pose a health hazard.
  4. Low cost.

The disadvantages include the fact that rectal thermometers are not sold in all pharmacies. This is because people are used to using standard thermometers.

Conditions under which rectal temperature is measured

Before using a rectal thermometer, you need to make sure that all the conditions for the correct measurement of temperature in the rectum are met.

The main rule is that you need to remain as immobile as possible after morning awakening. Any body movements will provoke an acceleration of blood circulation and the start of active work of all organs and systems, as a result of which the body temperature will increase. To minimize motor activity, a rectal thermometer is recommended to be placed close at night.

Another important condition is that the measurement should be taken after at least 4 hours of sleep.

How to use a rectal thermometer

The tip of the thermometer should be carefully inserted into the rectum. The depth of the thermometer during rectal temperature measurement should not exceed 4 cm.Pre-treatment of the anus with glidants does not require (the use of petroleum jelly or baby cream is important when measuring the temperature in the rectum in newborns). A reliable result will appear after 5 minutes. For maximum accuracy, it is necessary to take measurements at the same time every day (if it is important to monitor the dynamics of changes in indicators).


Rectal body temperature is an important indicator for assessing health status. For its measurement, special devices have been created - rectal thermometers that give results in the shortest possible time. The accuracy of the information depends on compliance with all conditions under which the temperature in the rectum is measured.

Unplanned pregnancy

If you have passed the test and found out that you are pregnant, this may be an undesirable result. In this case, it is very important to know about all the options available to you. Remember that you are not alone: ​​every day hundreds of women are faced with the same situation and, thanks to the right advice and support, decide on the most suitable further actions.

You should see a doctor as soon as possible. Consult a doctor at your local family clinic.

What it is?

When it comes to measuring temperature rectally, this is where to insert it - a natural question arises. Rectal indices are rarely removed, mainly for babies in the first months of life.

The measurement takes place in the anus where the thermometer is inserted. Since children in the first 2-3 months often move their arms and legs, while their movements are involuntary, it is easier to get the necessary information when they sleep.

To take measurements in the armpit, you will have to undress the sleeping baby, find a comfortable position for the thermometer and hold it for 10 minutes to get an accurate result.

The rectal method does not require such difficulties. It is enough to turn the baby on the back, slightly push the diaper or panties and insert the thermometer into the anus. No need to be afraid that the baby will wake up: most often this does not happen if the baby is already fast asleep. But if you start looking for a place in the armpit, he will definitely wake up because of the temperature difference.

For babies at 5-6 months, this method of measuring temperature is no longer suitable: such a child will easily dodge the attempts of parents.

How to measure?

Is there a rectal thermometer, what is it? - a completely natural question arises. Of course, there is no special instrument for measuring in the rectum.

An electronic device is best suited for these purposes. It needs to be kept for only a minute, its tip is thin, therefore it is inserted painlessly into the anus. If the baby twitches and the thermometer falls to the floor, it will not break and will not harm the residents.

If there is no electronic device, you can use mercury, but parents should be careful. You can not leave the baby alone with a thermometer unattended. If the child turns, the thermometer may break, which will cause mercury poisoning.

Entering the device into the anus of an infant, adults must follow a number of rules:

  • Knock down values ​​on the device to 36 degrees.
  • Wipe the tip with alcohol, any disinfectant, or just wash with soap.
  • Lubricate the tip with petroleum jelly or baby cream. This is necessary so that the device easily enters the rectum and does not damage it.
  • Put the baby on its back, raise its legs and introduce the thermometer inward by 2 cm.
  • Squeeze the buttocks and hold the appliance so that it does not move.
  • Hold the mercury device for no more than 5 minutes; for an electronic one, a minute is enough until the device makes a squealing sound.
  • After measuring, take out the device and wipe off the tip. You can wipe it with a disinfectant solution.

As you can see, the procedure is simple and does not require special skills. The only thing that can interfere and complicate matters is the position of the child’s body or its movements, which are difficult to predict.

What is the norm?

The values ​​in infants in the first months are different from those that we used to consider normal in adults. We consider 36.6 a standard indicator if measurements are made in the armpit. Rectal values ​​can be a degree higher, so you should not expect the usual indicators.

In addition, in the first month of life in a baby, the measurement results are increased and can range from 36.4 to 37.5 degrees. These numbers are considered quite normal. If you add one more degree, it turns out that the indicator 38.5 may well be regarded as the norm of the rectal temperature in the baby.

It is best to take measurements in the morning, when the temperature values ​​are lower. By evening, the numbers may rise by several divisions, which is also considered normal.

During the measurement and immediately in front of him, the crumb should be at rest. Excited emotional state, heat and stuffiness in the environment can also cause high body indices.

If the child is sleeping or under a blanket, it is better to cover him with something light before going to bed. A warm blanket can change indicators upward.

Too often to take measurements is not worth it: enough 2-3 times a day. As a rule, indicators are taken in the morning and evening to track the dynamics. Be sure to write down the obtained values: this information is important both for you as parents and for the doctor.

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Methods for measuring temperature

In modern medicine, 3 main methods are used:

  1. Oral (in the oral cavity),
  2. Axillary (in the armpit)
  3. Rectal (in the canal of the rectum).

With the rectal method, various types of thermometers are used. Recently, electronic devices have received the greatest distribution. This is due to their safety, simplicity and ease of use.

Features of rectal temperature measurement

The determination of rectal temperature is carried out in the rectum. This method has the highest accuracy and reliability of measurement. This is caused by the same temperature of the rectum and internal organs.

The constancy and stability of temperature in the rectum are explained by the structural features of the anal canal. The presence of a sphincter that closes the anus from the external environment, allows you to measure the internal temperature of the body with the highest accuracy.

See also: features of the use of a thermometer without mercury.

Types of rectal thermometers

In modern medical practice, 2 types of rectal thermometers are used:

A mercury rectal thermometer is cheap and versatile. In any home medicine cabinet there is always such a device. Unlike the usual, such a thermometer has a rounded end.

The digital thermometer is widely used to determine rectal temperature.

Such measuring devices have a number of advantages:

  • Ease of use.
  • High speed research.
  • Visibility of the results.
  • Safety of use.

Electronic thermometers have rubber or silicone tips.

It takes up to 3 minutes to measure with a mercury device; when using the electronic version, it takes no more than 30 seconds to determine the temperature.

The measurement process and result are displayed on a small digital screen. The end of the process is indicated by an audio signal.

Mercury thermometers contain substances hazardous to the body. Violation of the rules for using the device increases the risk to the life and health of the patient.

Of particular relevance is the issue of the safety of mercury use when determining basal temperature. In an electronic device, all components are safe for human health.

Rules for using a rectal thermometer

  1. Lightly shaking the mercury thermometer knock the value below 35 degrees. To start the electronic thermometer, press the on / off button. Readiness for work is determined by a flashing signal and a short beep.
  2. Disinfect the device with an alcohol solution or wash it with warm water and soap. Particularly carefully process the tip of the thermometer.
  3. Lubricate the tip with petroleum jelly or other gel composition (for example, baby cream). The applied lubricant facilitates the penetration of the tip into the rectum.
  4. With independent measurement, they take the position of the body lying on its side. When determining the temperature of the child, he is laid on his knees belly down. The newborn is laid on the back, having previously bent legs at the knees.
  5. Spread the buttocks and carefully insert the measuring tip into the anus to a depth of 2 cm. In doing so, hold the baby’s body firmly in one state with one hand, and hold the buttocks with the other hand. For convenience, the thermometer is held with the thumb and middle finger.
  6. Measurements are carried out within 3 minutes (for electronic devices - within one minute). The end of the study is notified by a sound signal.
  7. Carefully remove the device from the anus and determine the result.

Normal rectal temperature ranges from 36.7 to 37.3 degrees. With another method of measurement, this difference can be up to 0.3-0.5 degrees.

Precautionary measures

When using rectal thermometers, the following precautions should be observed:

  1. Использовать градусник только по прямому назначению.
  2. Не использовать ректальный градусник для определения температуры оральными и другими способами. This can lead to distortion of results and incorrect diagnosis.
  3. To withstand the required time for research (when using mercury thermometers - 3 minutes, electronic - 1 minute).
  4. Do not move while taking measurements. Careless movements can cause pain and injury.
  5. Keep the thermometer out of the reach of children. Small parts of an electronic device (such as batteries) may be swallowed by a child.
  6. Avoid hitting hard surfaces and do not drop the thermometer. This may cause damage to the device.
  7. Do not expose the device to high temperatures (over 60 ° C).
  8. Use only special disinfectants.
  9. Do not immerse the thermometer in the disinfectant solution in a damaged form.

Pros and cons of a rectal thermometer

Both mercury and electronic rectal measuring instruments have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of mercury thermometers:

  • high accuracy (measurement error - 0.1 degrees),
  • universality (the possibility of use with other research methods),
  • practicality,
  • durability.

  • health and environmental hazards of mercury
  • high measurement duration (up to 8-10 minutes),
  • the need for periodic shaking.

Electronic thermometers have the following advantages:

  • increased impact strength
  • water resistant
  • high measurement speed (20-30 seconds),
  • multifunctionality (backlight, memorization of the last values, the ability to select the scale, interchangeable caps, etc.).

  • the need for periodic replacement of batteries,
  • significant measurement error.

Thermometer medical electronic B.Well WT-05

Measurement range: 32 ºС - 43 ºС. Graduation: 0.1 ºС. Accuracy: +/- 0.1 ºС. Warranty - 1 year. Production - Great Britain. Cost - about 200 rubles.

More detailed information on the products can be obtained on the manufacturers' websites and in the instructions attached to the devices.

Medical mercury thermometer Meridian No. 1

Application temperature from - 30 ºС to +40 ºС. Measured range: 35 ºС - 42 ºС. Graduation: 0.1 ºС. Accuracy: +/- 0.1 ºС. Warranty - 5 years. Production - Russia. Cost - no more than 100 rubles.

Medical electronic thermometer AND DT-623 with a flexible silicone tip

The duration of one session is 60 seconds. Digital monochrome display. Accuracy ± 0.1 ºС. Shockproof housing. Auto power off. Warranty - 1 year. Production - China. The cost is about 400 rubles.