Useful Tips

Invitations: how to issue, what to write?


Formulate the main phrase (or text) of the official invitation. Here you must indicate who invites, why and where. The wording must be strict, literary, grammatically and spelling correct. Usually, complex sentences with participatory forms are formulated, the full and official name of the institution and organizers is used. For example: "Siberian State Industrial University invites ...". The invitation uses speech cliches:

• we invite you (you) to / take part in ...

• we have the honor to invite you ...

• we are sending you an invitation to ...

• allow / allow me to invite you to ...

• We are pleased to invite you ....

  • official invitation

Tip 2: How to Make an Invitation

It is important to remember that the invitation must comply with the theme of the holiday, it must be issued in accordance with all the rules of etiquette. There are some helpful tips for getting your invitation invited:

- the name of the event (wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.) should be indicated in the invitation text;

- Be sure to fully indicate the name of the guest and how many people really have an invitation. In this case, it is necessary to consider, for example, couples who may come to a celebration with children,

- The date, time, venue of the holiday must be indicated in the invitation. If this is an invitation to a wedding, then the place of solemn registration of marriage and the venue of the festive banquet are indicated.

RSVP card

RSVP card translated from French, "please answer." What information should be in such a card? As a rule, it contains:

  • contact information (phone or e-mail) and a request to contact and confirm your arrival,
  • paid postal form or envelope with the address to be sent to the organizers of the event.

In addition, the RSVP card may contain suggestions for choosing a particular type of menu, a place for comments, suggestions, etc. The size of such a card must be smaller than the invitation itself. But the general style of invitation extends to RSVP cards. The card can be replaced by the RSVP mark on the invitation form indicating the phone number by which you need to confirm acceptance of the invitation, or refuse it. The address to which you want to send a response may be indicated.

Invitations to the anniversary of the company (texts)

Dear Oleg Petrovich!

We invite you to a gala evening dedicated to the anniversary of our company, which will be held on November 5 at 18.00.

We are waiting for you in the restaurant "Olympia", Moscow, st. Tyurina, d. 25.

The invitation is valid for one person only.

Igor Ivanovich Sukhov,

director of the company "Leader"

Dear Peter Ilyich!

We invite you and your wife to a gala evening dedicated to the anniversary of our company, which will be held on August 15 at 17.00.

We are waiting for you at the address: Moscow, st. Tyurina, d. 25 bldg. 3, the restaurant "Trajectory".

The invitation is valid for two people.

Mikhail Ivanovich Petrov,

Director of Progress

Dear Tatyana Vasilievna!

We are grateful to you for the fruitful cooperation between our companies. It’s a pleasure to work with you. We would like to invite you to a festive event dedicated to the anniversary of our company.

We are waiting for you in the restaurant "Trajectory" on January 25 at 17.00.

The invitation is valid for two people.

Mikhail Ivanovich Petrov,

Director of Progress

Dear Igor Petrovich!

For twenty years now you have been working in our company and your contribution to the common cause is truly invaluable.

We are pleased to invite you to a festive event. We hope that surrounded by colleagues you will truly enjoy the celebration of the anniversary of our company.

We are waiting for you in the restaurant "Trajectory" on March 25 at 16.00.

The invitation is valid for two people.

Mikhail Ivanovich Petrov,

Director of Progress

Opening event invitations (texts)

Dear Elena Alexandrovna!

Our new enterprise will begin production on December 15, 2011, and we are pleased to invite you to participate in the festive event dedicated to the opening of our factory.

Director of Energoprom Plant

Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov

Dear Elena Alexandrovna!

At 13:00, a gala dinner will be held, followed by an opening ceremony and a tour of the enterprise. Please confirm your arrival by letting us know your arrival time.

Invitation letter

A business invitation letter is an invitation to an event: a conference, a job, an interview, an exhibition, a meeting, a concert, a charity evening, a seminar, a meeting, etc.

Like other types of service letters, the invitation letter is composed according to the template:

[phone, email, etc.]
Dear ladies and gentlemen.

We invite you to participate in the [name and / or description of the event], which will take place at [address / name of the institution, etc.].
Organizers [event name]: [list of organizers].
Hosts [event name]: [host list].
At the time of [event name]: [to which it is dedicated, a list of issues discussed, and so on].
[Some additional information]

For more information about [event name] contact [phone, email, address, etc.].

General Director of such an office V.M. signature Batkovich

Mandatory details of the invitation letter: name of organization, organization code, reference information about the organization, PSRN, TIN, date, registration number, addressee, signature of the head, mark of the contractor.

The text of the letter of invitation should be short, concise, correct and should not allow different interpretations. The invitation letter should be devoted to only one issue (event, event), except in cases of their close relationship and location in the same structural unit of the sending organization. The letter is drawn up in two copies (the second copy is endorsed by the originator, the head of the sending unit and remains with the sending organization).

How to compose a sample debt reminder letter.

A letter of guarantee to the legal address from the owner is available here.

The act of work performed under the service contract

For an interview

Invitation for an interview. Template.

There is a specific interview invitation template.

Example 1
Dear Petrenko Alexander Alexandrovich (your full name).
Thank you for your CV for the post ***. We reviewed your resume and your candidacy interested us. We invite you to an interview on July 10 at 10:00. You will be met by the department manager *** - Vasiliev Yuri Valerievich. Regards, Company ***.

Example 2
Dear Petrenko Alexander Alexandrovich (your full name). The company "***" invites you to an interview for the occupation of the post of administrator, which will be held October 25, 2013 at 11.00. Regards, Company ***.

Letter 3.
Dear Petrenko Alexander Alexandrovich (your full name). I recently received your CV for the vacancy ***. We have already found a candidate for this position, but we have another vacant position that may interest you. Please call me on [number] and we will discuss the details with you. Sincerely, Anasov Pyotr Nikolaevich.

To the conference

We invite you to become participants of the scientific conference [name].

The topic [name] has long attracted the attention of specialists. At the conference, we would like to talk about [...]. And, of course, we will talk about [...].

The work of the conference is planned to be accompanied by an exhibition of objects illustrating the topics under discussion. The publication of texts of reports and the catalog of the exhibition is supposed.

The conference will be held on August 12, 2013 in the business center "" (Moscow, Lev Tolstoy St., 15).

Applications must be sent before 08/10/2013.

Peter Petrov

Letter # 2:
Dear Ivan Ivanovich,

We invite you to the international conference [name].

The main objectives of the conference:
• task 1
• task 2
• task 3

In the conference program:
• event 1
• event 2
• event 3

The registration fee for participation in the conference is 37,000 rubles, incl. VAT 18% (transfer, lunch, coffee breaks, stationery).

Conference work schedule:
Registration from 8.00 to 9.00 hours.
The conference starts at 9.00.

Conference Venue:

Nonresident participants recommend hotel accommodation

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until 08/15/2013 in the form of email addresses: [email protected] or [mail address] or by fax: [number].

For organizational issues, please contact: [surname, name of contact person], tel .: [number], email address: [mail address].

Peter Petrov

To the exhibition

Product Invitation Letter

On December 20, 2015, Moscow will host the largest exhibition of construction equipment.

For the past five years, consumers, distributors and manufacturers of unmanned building droids have been gathering at this event every year.

The Robostroy exhibition is a great opportunity to establish business contacts, attract new customers, and find reliable partners. As before, the exhibition will open stands of participants from Germany, the USA, Japan and the Netherlands, offering the most advanced technical solutions.

To visit the Robostroy exhibition, you need to register on the site robostroy.rf. The procedure for issuing an electronic invitation is simple and does not take you more than two minutes.

Location: Moscow, st. Pushkin, village of Kolotushkina. Beginning December 20 at 13:00. We will be glad to see you!

To cooperation

Dear Victor Alexandrovich,

During our meeting at the Creative Workshop seminar, which took place in Moscow from October 20-25, you mentioned that new personnel are required in the advertising department of your company. I am familiar with a person who is ideal for this position.

My friend Alexander, with whom I have repeatedly worked on common projects, has a specialized education. He has been active in the field of advertising and marketing for several years, and his clients include companies such as Metalloinvest, MegaFon and Avtomir. In addition to high professionalism, Alexander's clients appreciate him for his creative thinking and creativity. Knowing the direction of your company, I can assume that Alexander will interest you as a future employee.

I informed him of the opportunity to work in your company, and Alexander was very interested in this. You can call him at the number: 220-20-20.

Dear Victor Alexandrovich,

A week ago, our company completed a project to develop a new logo. The work on the project was carried out by graphic designer Alexander, who collaborates with us remotely.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of work of this person, as well as reasonable prices for his services. I can confidently call Alexander a talented designer who is attentive to all the recommendations and wishes.

If your company ever needs a remote designer, I recommend that you contact Alexander. I leave you his contact details: 220-00-10

What should the invitation contain

The official engagement allows you to inform all participants about what event will take place, and contains information on the basis of which the addressee can determine whether he is interested in this proposal, whether he is ready to arrive at the meeting.

As a rule, an official engagement is created for such events as: a conference, a meeting of partners, official receptions and holidays, exhibitions, interviews, business meetings on a specific occasion, round tables.

Despite the fact that in everyday life, most often an invitation comes verbally, in business communications a more acceptable form is to send a letter that differs in terms of information from other types of written messages.

The text of the invitation of officials to the event should contain several mandatory elements:

  1. date, time and venue with an accurate description of the route, helping participants to get to the place without any help,
  2. the theme and program of the event with the definition of time planned for each part of it,
  3. the role of the invitee: whether he will be an ordinary participant-listener or spectator, or he has been entrusted with the function of speaker or organizer of the discussion,
  4. an indication of the type of dress code set for all participants,
  5. please provide feedback on the decision of the addressee to participate, instead of the phrase about the need to send an answer, the letter R.S.V.P. may be used - an abbreviation for Repondez sil vous plait, meaning a request to respond to a letter,
  6. organizers contact details
  7. additional information, if necessary,
  8. cards and seating plans for guests during the event and banquet.

Types of invitations can be distinguished on several grounds for classification.

For the purpose of the invitation are divided into:

  • private: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and engagement parties,
  • commercial: exhibitions, opening of shops, vernissages.

The invitation to the event should contain all the necessary information about how and where it will be held and how the invitee must confirm to the organizers his participation.

It can be personal, as in the above example:

It can also be executed without resorting to a specific person.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner invitation necessarily contains information about the reason for which the participants are going to, and a request to notify the acceptance of the proposal.

Reception invitationAs a rule, it is drawn up especially strictly and solemnly, on paper of the highest quality. In addition to a message about the time and place of the event, it may contain information on the format of the event, the dress code and, if necessary, the seating plan of the guests.

Interview invitation belongs to the category of least strict forms of invitations. Its main task is to organize a personal meeting of the applicant with a hiring specialist or the head of the unit in which a new employee is selected.

Delivery Methods

After all the invitations to events have been prepared, it is necessary to decide in what ways it is better to deliver them to the addressees. The choice of delivery depends on the format and prestige of the event.

  • If this is an official reception, then it is better to hand over most of the invitations in person to the invited persons.
  • You can use the services of couriers to organize the participation of invitees in commercial events.
  • It is permissible to send invitations by mail, but it is necessary to take into account the period of time necessary for their delivery.
  • The most common and fastest way to deliver an invitation is to send an email. However, for especially solemn events, this option is not recommended.

It is also important to remember: the rules of business etiquette determine the timing of sending letters of at least 2 weeks before the event.

How to respond to an invitation

After receiving the invitation, it is necessary to inform the organizers of their decision to participate in the event or reject the offer.

The answer is provided in different ways, taking into account the format of the event. This can be a call to the inviting party on the contact numbers indicated in the invitation, sending an electronic message or providing written notice in cases where it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the business protocol.

When preparing an answer, especially in case of refusal to take part in an event, it is important to formulate its reason. If there is no real reason, but you don’t want to go, then it’s better to refer to employment, since references, for example, to malaise or illness can turn into troubles, because the refused can be seen at another holiday, evening or banquet.

If the invitation abbreviation R. S. V. P. is indicated, then the answer must be provided by contact phone numbers or e-mail address indicated on the form. If the organizers in the text indicated that they need to be informed only in case of refusal, then this is exactly what should be done.

If necessary, inform the organizers of unofficial private holidays about their participation, most often no compliance with any conventions is required. As a rule, a normal call with information about whether the offer is accepted or rejected for any reason is enough.

The ability to create a high-quality invitation and correctly accept it allows you to demonstrate respect to each other, emphasize the value of contacts and the desire to maintain and develop further communication.