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How to Install Homebrew Channel on Nintendo Wii in a Simple Way


Release Year: 2012
Genre: SoftMod
Developer: Letterbomb
Publisher: Letterbomb
Developer's site:
Interface language: English / German (detailed instructions in Russian are attached)
Platform: Wii
System Requirements: Nintendo Wii 4.3
Description: This guide explains how to install Homebrew Channel on a Wii with firmware 4.3.
(If you have firmware 4.3e then this is not a problem, because E stands for Europe,
and you can use these commands to do the following for any region).
In the Letterbomb variant, you do not require the use of any of the most famous games, etc.
This guide not only covers installing the Homebrew Channel, but also shows
how you, using ModMii 2011, can quickly and easily download and install all Softmod files on Wii.
Instruction manual

I tried to make this instruction as simple as possible and inserted quite a few photos.
Before following these instructions, remove all devices connected to the Wii.
Ideally, only one controller is connected, a DVD game is not installed, and only an SD card is connected.

What do we need:
Sd card
USB HDD (formatted as FAT32 or WBFS)
Nintendo Wii 4.3 Homebrew Channel Letterbomb Komlettpaket
In order to make Mod, we need an SD card (SD-HC and microSD will not work)
We recommend 2GB SD cards from SanDisk, because (from experience) they have the least problems.

Additional information: A step-by-step instruction with screenshots is in the .doc file which is also in the torrent

We are not liable for any damage that may occur after following these instructions on your Wii.

(Re) representing the Home Channel

The Homebrew Channel (HBC) remains one of the best and most famous console hacks in recent memory. This is without a doubt a required feature. If you have an old “unBrewed” Wii, then there is no time, like a real one, to change that. In the end, the warranty on your Wii has long expired, and you probably aren't doing anything about it.

Of course, standard warnings and disclaimers apply: any changes or modifications that you make to your Wii are entirely up to you and your sole responsibility. It is really difficult to do this Wii, but it can happen.

So what is a Homebrew Channel? It just sounds like a channel similar to Netflix or Nintendo eShop. Channels are nothing more than a version of Nintendo apps. So when you open a channel, all it’s going to do is provide you with enhanced functionality higher and higher just by playing games. For example, a Netflix channel on a Wii is nothing more than an illustrious Netflix application, etc.

To this end, we could think of the Homebrew Channel as an application launch channel, which means that you can copy special applications and games to your SD card and run them through HBC.

In the past, Nintendo has released system updates designed to improve performance, but also removed “unauthorized channels or firmware [which] could degrade the game or the Wii console.” The focus of this article will show how to install the HBC and HackMii soft mods on the latest and, presumably, latest Wii system update (4.3), with a simple use called LetterBomb.

We previously wrote about how to hack your Wii using the Super Smash Brothers Brawl exploit called SmashStack. This exploit requires the Super Smash Brothers Brawl game, which is not necessarily difficult to purchase or expensive to buy, but the method we show you has far fewer hoops to slip through.

However, there are a number of other methods, LetterBomb works without a game and only in the System Menu 4.3. If you are interested in learning more about each individual exploit, you can read about them at

Using LetterBomb to Install HBC

To check your system version, open Wii System Preferences by clicking the round Wii button in the lower left corner of the system menu.

Look in the upper right corner and you will see your version number. If any version is less than 4.3, then you can either try a different exploit or upgrade Wii now. Just make sure you fully upgrade your Wii to the latest update 4.3, because after launching the exploit you can no longer update your Wii (not that we expect Nintendo to release more patches), because it will break any changes that you apply.

You see that the version of our system is 4.3U (U = United States, E = Europe, J = Japan, K = Korea), so we are ready to go.

Wait, do not leave the system settings, we need one more. Click directly on Wii 2 System Settings, then click on “Internet -> Console Information” and copy the MAC address. You will need this to perform the actual hack.

Now you can return to the system menu. The next step is to happen on the PC, so we will step back from the Wii to do this.

Hack Letterbomb Wii

The hack we use is called Letterbomb, and although it sounds horrible and unpleasant, once you see how it works, you will understand why.

To perform this hack, you will need an SD card formatted in FAT16 or FAT32. The size of the SD card is not critical, we found an old 256 MB card, which is now pretty useless as a storage option, but perfect for this purpose.

Then you want to visit the Letterbomb website. Now you need the MAC address from your Wii. In the next screenshot, we will indicate our version of the system menu (4.3U), enter our MAC, and we will continue and link the HackMii installer.

Then you enter CAPTCHA and click “Trim Red Wire” to download the Letterbomb ZIP file.

Take this recently downloaded zip file and extract its contents to your empty SD card.

Then remove the SD card from the PC and insert it into your Wii. Click on the Mail icon in the lower right corner and return one or two days.

You will find out that you found the right piece of mail when you see a red envelope with a bomb. Now you have a chance to enlist. If you do not want to continue working, you have not made any changes to your Wii.

Otherwise, click on the letter bomb and it will execute the code necessary to prepare your Wii for installing HBC and HackMii.

You will find out that everything will be successful if you see the following screen warning you to never pay for any of these programs, which is provided free of charge to everyone.

When the text “press 1 to continue” appears, it is time to install Homebrew Channel and BootMii.

Install Homebrew Channel and BootMii

The HackMii installer is currently in version 1.2. This allows you to do two things, install all the important HBC, and possibly BootMii. We recommend both options.

Click Continue when you are ready to continue.

The next screen is the main menu. Click Install Homebrew Channel to start.

Confirm your intentions by clicking “Yes, continue” or “No, return me” if you change your mind.

If you continue, HBC will install. It will not take much time, and as soon as you are done, you will see “SUCCESS” in green. Click Continue to return to the main menu.

Please note that there is now a new option to “delete Homebrew Channel” if you want to undo your changes. The next thing we will do is install BootMii, so click “BootMii. ", to continue.

BootMii must be installed as iOS (not to be confused with the Apple iOS mobile operating system), which means that you will need to use HBC to run it. They are a little complicated, but here is more detailed information on what IOSes is, just in case you are curious.

BootMii requires the installation of an SD card. You can use the one already on the Wii with which you performed the Letterbomb exploit, or you can use another. If your new SD card is not formatted correctly, you can insert it and click “prepare SD card” on the BootMii menu screen.

Otherwise, click “yes, continue,” as shown in the following screenshot.

The installer will now write all the necessary runtime files to your SD card. Then it's time to actually install BootMii on your Wii, click "yes, continue."

Once you are done, you will again be processed by the green “SUCCESS” and you can click “Continue”.

Returning to the main menu, you can exit the HackMii installer and return to the Wii main menu.

Enjoying the fruits of your labor

Return to the System Menu. Notice anything else? You have a new addition, Homebrew Channel!

By default, there will be no apps or games on your home channel. You must add them to the application folder of your SD card (you will need to do this on your PC). There is no need to search for applications, you can find their complete list.

Let's not forget BootMill, which can be downloaded from a submenu in HBC. Click the Home button on Wiimote to access it.

The BootMii menu can be moved using the GameCube controller or disabled, you can use the Power button on the console to select options and the Reset button to select.

BootMii will become an important tool if you plan to continue hacking. The fourth gear option is for backing up and restoring your NAND, which is your system memory.

We strongly recommend that you read our article on how to protect your Wii from bumps, and how to unleash hidden features and settings using the Priiloader app.

Other than that, what you do depends on you and your level of adventure, although we would say that you were already quite adventurers. You can even configure Wii on your hard drive and play games so that you no longer have to insert another game disc.

Let's listen to you. Do you have your own reasons for repurposing your old Wii console for extended service? We recommend that you give us your feedback on our forum.

[Wii] SoftMod Nintendo Wii 4.3 Installing Homebrew Channel via Letterbomb and Installing USB Loader (2012)

So go ahead:
Before installation, we need to download Letterbomb. You can do this at

On the site you should see the same as above in the screenshot. As you can see, the site requires the MAC address of your console from you. You can find it directly on your Wii in the settings. Below are some photos that show the path to your MAC address step by step.

In the Wii main menu, you click, in the lower left, a circle with the Wii icon (red square).

In this window, you click on "Wii Sytemeinstellungen".

In the next menu, once you click on the blue arrow to the right, on the second page you will find "Internet" selects it.

In the "Internet" menu, select "Information Console".

Here you see now the MAC address of your Wii (it has been erased in our image for security reasons). You enter this MAC address in the LetterBomb, confirm the numbers or words from the picture and click on the "Cut the red Wire" button. Now download the zip file. You must download and open this Zip file using, for example, WinRAR. The contents of the zip file should look like this.

Data from the zip file is extracted directly to the SD card in the root directory (root). I will make one digression, here we need only two files, the private folder and the boot.elf file, and copy them to the root.
Connect the SD card to the Wii, and then return to the main menu.

In the main menu, in the lower right corner, click on the envelope (highlighted in a red square in the screenshot).

Using the arrow keys you go now a few days ago, one of the days should have a red letter as shown in the image above.

Then select the red letter to begin the installation of the Homebrew Channel.

Now on the TV screen you will see the image as in the screenshot above. Don't click anything here, just wait a bit.

After a few seconds, a warning will be displayed on the screen as shown above. It will remain active for several seconds, here you must press the "1" button on the controller and move on.

From here we will now install Homebrew Channel and BootMii, press "A" on the controller to continue.

In the next menu, we move using the arrow keys to the "Install Homebrew Channel" button and press the "A" button.

Here we begin the installation of the Homebrew Channel. Select "Yes, continue" and press the button "A"

Installation takes only a few seconds, if on the screen after installation it is written in green "SUCCESS" then everything worked. Continue to "Continue" and press the button "A".

Now we continue and install BootMii. Select "BootMii." In the menu and press the "A" button.

Now it all depends on when your Wii was produced:
Your production date is until mid-2008, then we select "Install BootMii as boot2" and confirm by pressing the "A" button.
Your production date is from mid-2008 (or when “Install BootMii as boot2” fails) we select “Install BootMii as IOS” and confirm by pressing “A.” When we finish, we select “Return to the main menu". That's all, select “Exit” and confirm “A” should automatically launch the Homebrew Channel.
If you don’t know when your Wii was produced, then just install BootMii as boot2 first, if that didn’t work, then install your BootMii as IOS via “Install BootMii as IOS”
If you have only one choice on the console, install BootMii as iOS, you can simply follow the instructions on the screen.

Here on these two screens, to start the installation of BootMii, click “Yes, continue.” Installation takes a few seconds, and then you should get the following screen.

Green SUCCESS shows that everything is in order, now you are the lucky owner of the Wii on which Homebrew Channel and BootMii are installed. Select "Continue" and confirm by pressing the "A" button to return to the menu.

Here we select "Return to the main menu".

To close the installer, select your “Exit” again using “A”. Now we will be shifted to the Homebrew Channel, but since it is still empty, using the "Home" button we will return to the Wii main menu. Now a new channel has appeared here, the Homebrew Channel.
People who are only interested in Homebrew and do not want to use backup games can stop here and immediately switch to Homebrew Browser. Homebrew Browser is a Homebrew database in which you can use all kinds of Homebrew for Wii


It is strongly recommended that you back up your Wii (NAND Backup) at this point, by doing this you will be protected from damage that may occur during the following installations.


Now that we have successfully installed Homebrew Channel, we will continue the installation with USB Loaders.

We return to the main menu of your Wii and then remove the SD card from the console. We connect the SD card to your PC. Now we need to copy the data with the full package to the SD memory card. If during copying the question arises that this data already exists and whether you want to overwrite the data on the SD card, just confirm.

After copying is complete, insert the SD card into the Wii and go from the Wii main menu to the Homebrew Channel. Now there should be some new entries.

From here we need an active Wi-Fi connection on the Wii. Connect Wii through the system settings to the Internet.

After connecting to the Internet, we select "IOS236 Installer v5 MOD" in the menu, as highlighted in the next image, and confirm by pressing the "A" button.

After you select Patcher IOS, another menu will appear where you should select "Laden"

Installing IOS236 Installer v5 Mod begins directly with installing the required version of IOS. It may happen that the program will have to be run several times before it works correctly. If your Wii freezes, just press and hold the power button on the Wii, then launch Wii and install IOS236 Installer v5 Mod on a new one. If at the end of the installation the inscription "IOS236 installation is complete" appeared, then everything was installed correctly.

After the installation is completed (possibly after several attempts) we continue the installation of Priiloaders. To do this, go to Homebrew Channe on the "priiloader 263 Mod" and start it.

Right after the start, we see the next screen in front of us.

To start installing Priiloaders we click on the “+” on the controller

After installation, we have the following message on the screen and after 5 seconds the priiloader automatically closes and throws us back to the Homebrew Channel. That's it, priiloader is installed.
Let's make a small digression
Priiloader is a kind of life insurance for Wii. You can activate some important parameters here, for example, stopping the update, etc. To make these settings move to Priiloaders you need to use the arrow keys and confirmation by pressing the "A" button on the Wii controller.
To access Priiloaders settings, we need to turn off Wii (the power button on the console is lit in red). The next time you turn on, press the power button and the reset button on the console at the same time and hold it for a while until the menu appears on the priiloader screen.

Main menu

Settings menu

"System Menu Hacks"

After changing the parameters, do not forget to save your actions by selecting the "save settings" command, confirming by pressing the "A" button after the "setings saved" message appears, go to the main menu by pressing the "B" button on the controller.
Let's continue. Now we will launch Multi-Mod Manager 13.4

If at the beginning there is a RET 2011 error, then you must again run IOS236 Installer v5 MOD to install IOS236. If everything is installed correctly, the following screen appears.

After we got into the Multi Mod Manager, select the item "WAD Manager" confirm by pressing the button "A"

Теперь мы видим длинный список Wad файлов, которые нам нужно установить.Нажимаем кнопку "1" на контроллере и запускаем установку нажатием кнопки "А", в следующем окне мы подтверждаем снова нажатием кнопки "A" и сейчас начинается установка.
Этот шаг занимает немного больше времени чем предыдущие, так что теперь давайте, для всех кто курит сейчас хорошее время для перекура, ну а для не курящих а только пьющих кофе можете сходить на кухню и сварить себе этот бодрящий напиток.
После завершения установки нам нужно нажать любую кнопку на контроллере, чтобы вернуться в меню WAD в Multi Mod Managers. Здесь мы нажимаем кнопку "B" до тех пор пока мы не вернемся в главное меню и затем нажимаем кнопку "HOME" чтобы вернуться в Homebrew Channel.
Сейчас перезапустите Wii , в системном меню внизу слева теперь вы найдете USB Loader.

В пакет загрузки вы найдете рядом с папкой " auf SD Karte kopieren" папку " auf USB Festplatte kopieren". Всё содержимое папки скопировать на USB HDD отформатированном в формат FAT32 и подключить USB HDD к порту USB вашей консоли.

Если ваш USB HDD отформатирован в формат WBFS то вам ничего с этой папки копировать не нужно. Для форматирования USB HDD и переноса игр с вашего РС на USB HDD в пакете есть WiiBackupManager который очень прост в использовании.
Вот и всё, желаю весело провести время с вашей "новой" Wii.

Я попытался сделать эту инструкцию как можно более простой и вставил довольно много фотографий.
До осуществления этих инструкций удалите все устройства подключеные к Wii.
Ideally, only one controller is connected, a DVD game is not installed, and only an SD card is connected.

What do we need:
Sd card
USB HDD (formatted as FAT32 or WBFS)
Nintendo Wii 4.3 Homebrew Channel Letterbomb Komlettpaket
In order to make Mod, we need an SD card (SD-HC and microSD will not work)
We recommend 2GB SD cards from SanDisk, because (from experience) they have the least problems.

Additional information: A step-by-step instruction with screenshots is in the .doc file which is also in the torrent

We are not liable for any damage that may occur after following these instructions on your Wii.