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How not to infect households if you get a cold and flu?


With a cold, we primarily strive to get rid of the ill-fated symptoms as soon as possible. We drink hot tea, sneeze everywhere, dissolve lozenges from sore throats. Therefore, concern for the health of households often worries us indirectly. This can lead to disastrous consequences. Think about it, because then treating the whole family with bacteria will be much more difficult than following simple precautions. How to prevent the development of colds in your household? What to do in order not to accidentally infect your family with a cold? The answers to these questions are contained in this article.

Most often, adults become the source of infectious bacteria and viruses. They are the ones who constantly visit crowded places. Adults go to work, in public places, use buses and trams, ride the subway. As a result of close contacts with various people, parents bring different pathogenic bacteria into the house, from which children can later suffer. The children are still not well developed immunity, because of which they will have to recover much longer after the disease. And if the child is sick, then you must definitely call a doctor and get a 095 certificate from Moscow, or any other city.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that adults must carefully observe all the rules of hygiene, even if they do not feel any ailments. Experts have found that a person who has a cold can infect others within a week after the first symptoms appear. Even if a person is already infected, and the symptoms have not yet manifested, he can be contagious. Therefore, if you feel unwell, a little fever, try harder to follow all the rules of personal hygiene. Also, try to avoid direct contact with people.

But what to do if you fail to contact your household? There are several rules.
? Thorough hand washing.
Even if you think that you often wash your hands as soon as the disease breaks out, do it several times more often. Every time you sneeze, blow your nose, touch your face, you leave particles of the virus left on your hands. Then, in contact with interior items, they remain on the couch, bedside tables, remote control from the TV. There are germs and wait for your family members.
? Disposable supplies. Of course, it’s not customary to use disposable plates, forks and spoons in your own kitchen. However, if you do not want to wash the dishes three times and be afraid to infect the others, it is best to use plastic dishes at least during an illness, sometimes even a little longer.
? Disinfection. Scientists have proven that SARS bacteria can survive outside the human body for about seven hours. This time is enough for all your household to become infected. There are many types of colds viruses and bacteria, but no less than types of disinfection. Alcohol, soda are the most affordable. The most effective types are sold in pharmacies.
? Gauze bandage. You can buy this “help” in any pharmacy. This device does not allow microbes to spread throughout the apartment during coughing or sneezing. Also, your family can wear a mask or bandage so as not to get infected.
? Strengthen the immunity of family members. A set of vitamins, a contrast shower, citrus fruits and ascorbic acid help you.
? Air disinfection. Quartzing will help save your apartment from germs. Essential oils will help disinfect the air and help everyone who breathes them.

Wash your hands

Say that you wash them regularly? Do this twice as often during illness. When you cough, sneeze, or simply touch your face, the virus gets into your hands. Then, when you take the door handle or the remote control from the TV, you leave the micro droplets with viruses or bacteria to “wait” for other households.

Use disposable accessories

Yes, eating from disposable tableware is better at a picnic, rather than in your own kitchen. But if you are not ready to carefully wash the dishes three times a day, it is better to purchase a set of plastic plates and cups. Allocate to the patient a separate cup and plate, of course, is necessary. But this is not enough if other family members use common utensils. Perhaps one of them is already sick, just the symptoms have not yet manifested.

During colds and at least three days after the symptoms disappear, use paper towels instead of the usual ones. It goes without saying that everyone should have their own soap, and it is advisable not to store toothbrushes in one cup.

Disinfect surfaces

Science knows more than two hundred types of viruses that cause ARI. Many of them outside the human body remain viable for several hours. This time is enough to infect the whole family, so you need to disinfect everything that your children and other households touch: from the door handle and countertop to the computer mouse and tablet screen.

For disinfection, antibacterial wipes, a weak solution of vinegar or citric acid, a solution of soda are suitable. This is from the available. If you want products with a more pleasant smell or gentle effect, ask at the pharmacy. The choice is huge.

Strengthen the immunity of home

Of course, it is better to think about strengthening immunity in advance, and not when colds and flu have already entered into law. But it's never too late to do this. Let all your households, even healthy ones, drink tea with lemon, eat honey, take vitamins, sleep for eight hours, dress warmly and less nervous. All this strengthens the immune system and prevents the infection from breaking through the defense.

Disinfect the air

Essential oils are best suited for this. They destroy viruses and bacteria not only in the air, but also in the respiratory tract of everyone who breathes this air.

If the air is not disinfected, then the microbes that are contained there, when inhaled, settle on the mucous membranes of healthy family members. After a few hours, they penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and begin to multiply there.

Oil of the breath will help prevent this process. Oil Breathe is six essential oils that disinfect the air and give a pleasant invigorating aroma. And also vapors of essential oils, along with inhaled air, enter the mucous membranes and destroy the viruses and bacteria there, preventing them from multiplying.

The product is available in the form of oil in a compact bottle or in the form of a spray with a dispenser. It does not need to be buried, rubbed, smeared or carried out with it other unpleasant procedures. It is enough to drip 2-3 drops of oil on a bed or on clothes, on a pillow or on a children's toy. To disinfect the air, you can use a spray - 2-3 clicks will last for several hours.

Breathe oil - prevention for all households

Dysh contains only natural essential oils from Germany: peppermint, juniper, cayeput, wintergreen, eucalyptus and clove oils, as well as levomenthol. The proportions are adjusted so that the ingredients complement each other.

Breathe Oil disinfects the air, smells nice, does not dry out and does not irritate the mucous membranes. One bottle is enough for the whole season of colds and even more.

Medicine still does not know the absolute method of combating colds and flu. Therefore, do not reproach yourself if you “brought” the disease home and infected someone. The best thing you can do is to take precautions and strengthen the immunity of households. If you follow these simple rules, then viruses and bacteria will have almost no chance to take over the health of your loved ones.

How not to infect household members?
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