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You can even enjoy the troubles if you practice the following approach: if something sad, difficult, even tragic happens, it means that the next fruit of negative karma has ripened and fell from the tree of your life. That is, it is time to pay off some accounts of your past life. No matter how sad it is, try to take it philosophically.

Namely: if it is very bad, then after it will only get better. Trouble has already happened. The fruit ripened and fell, causing more or less damage. Karma has thus become cleaner. So now it will only get better. Thank you for the lessons learned and the tests that have fallen to us and move on.

But when a good event occurs, even if it’s the most insignificant at first glance, be sure to rejoice, my friends, for it is a very good sign that the energy of luck is beginning to grow and gain strength. Celebrate it, give thanks and, of course, rejoice!

And after gratitude it’s worth thinking about how you can still improve the quality of your life. The quality of life improves due to an increase in a person’s spiritual level. That is, the better we become, the morally cleaner, the better we live.

And this means that, having realized this, one can quite responsibly take up raising one's moral level or improving karma.

I hope that you carefully read the moral code of the New Man, with which I completed the first chapter. Here I want to dwell only on the main points, from my point of view. Here they are:

? Always think and act with others only honestly and with a good heart.

? Try to do good deeds every day as soon as possible and without waiting for a reward for it.

? Try to always choose the best, following the dictates of the heart (soul).

? Send mental wishes of well-being to everyone with whom you communicate.

? Always do a little more than you are asked.

? Banish such unworthy feelings as envy, greed, cruelty and violence from your life, and most importantly - from consciousness.

With the constant application of these wonderful rules (which are as old as the world, but the world is still, alas, far from perfect), you will notice interesting events that will begin to occur.

? Small but pleasant things will start:

? as if by chance, they will open the door for you,

? what you need, whatever it is, will become fast,

? transport will arrive on time

? in a car it’s easier for you to avoid annoying traffic jams,

? there are old friends

? improve relations with others,

? at work you will be one of the first to get promoted

? financially, you’ll feel much more confident

? health will be strengthened and in general strength will increase,

? and this is just the beginning! Further more!

I firmly believe that no energy sent outside is not wasted.

It follows that, sowing good, we are reaping good, which is a hundredfold return to us. Making a small, but positive change in the life of another person, we are doing a very important thing. Perhaps his faith in people has completely faded away from him or her, and you suddenly help, reach out your hand. Fading faith flares up again in the heart of this person, inspires and supports him. Isn't that great? Thus, another level of good energy is created, which he subsequently sends to the world. And the world always answers the same. May the answer of our world be positive! It all depends on you.

Our own experience is worth a lot, so let's prove to skeptics that a worthy person lives very dignified, and this applies to everything!

Again and again, I find confirmation of this in life. How often people turn to me complaining that the art of Feng Shui does not help them, despite the fact that their friends and acquaintances succeed. Here is an example of the fact that feng shui is only 1/3 of the luck that develops, I recall, including from good karma.

As Lillian Tu said at a seminar in Malaysia, one person turned to her for a consultation. She asked him: “What are you most striving for?” He replied: “To wealth.” “Good,” said Lillian Tu, “I recommend you create a pond in the area of ​​your site that will bring you good luck in money.”

The client listened to Lillian's advice, but decided that he was smarter (pride, swagger), and did not build a small pond on his site, but a huge pool (greed). “I need a lot of money, but she recommends some small pond. The larger the pool, the richer I will become, ”he thought (disbelief, arrogance).

He built a huge pool, and what do you think? Once he was found lifeless in this pool!

Here is a good example of how bad karma can lead even good beginnings to complete failure. There is something to think about, right?

And in conclusion, I want to tell you one secret, how you can help yourself improve your karma, as well as help a sick relative or friend.

You should go to the market where they sell all kinds of animals (in St. Petersburg this is the Kondratyevsky market). Buy there caught forest birds or squirrels and let them go free! The liberation of living beings gives such an upsurge of joy, such a purification of karmic problems that you will definitely feel an improvement in both your mood and the condition of your friend who needed it! And may the inspiration you experience be a well-deserved reward!